New items of “Disney Collection ” by axes femme will start pre-orders at the official online shop from April 17 2020, and will be released in early May.

A lineup of 4 items, including a Belle’s skirt for everyday, an elegant skirt with roses and books embroidered on it, a pullover, and a kids dress that can be a princess. In addition to roses, the original print has cute characters such as Mrs Samovar, and you can feel like a princess just by wearing clothes.

Belle for everyday

7,900円 + Tax

Others colors available:

The special skirts are decorated with embroidered silhouettes of fun characters on the skirt hem, and the original printed fabric is used to switch sides. You can also use it as a bell-style outfit with a blouse!

Pullover & skirt with cute embroidery

In the pullover, the rose that the beast cherishes and the motif of the book that Bell loves are embroidered on the sleeve. A rose on the chest, so gorgeous

A skirt with a soft silhouette that uses plenty of elegant satin and tulle. Luxurious embroidery is given to the hem, and the characters of the characters are glimpsed on the inner skirt pattern.

For Kids:

Enjoy the fashion full of Disney worlds !!

Official Website:

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