Famous brand Uniqlo recently released a new collection representing the unexpected collaboration between Pokémon and contemporary artist Daniel Arsham, the artist’s creative concept: “fictional archeology”.

“This new UT collection celebrates contemporary artist Daniel Arsham in his collaboration with Pokémon. He mixes his concept of fictional archeology with the Pokémon universe by representing your favorite characters in the form of sculptures dating back over 1000 years. “


Daniel Arsham is an American artist specializing in contemporary art. Born in 1980 in Ohio, His work that mixes past, present and future with poetry always manages to captivate and surprise his audience. He’s also called the archaeologist of the future.

“As a brand, Pokémon has evolved by adopting new technologies, be it data communication systems or geolocation technologies, and by collaborating with partners from new horizons in the fashion and art, “says The Pokémon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara.

“I am delighted to count Daniel Arsham among our partners. Thanks to his work, I hope that audiences around the world will be able to delve into his imagination in order to represent the Pokémon in a thousand years. “

An artistic collection with cheap prices for women, men and kids.




Other items available in Uniqlo’s official website: https://www.uniqlo.com/

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