CYBERJAPAN DANCERS is a dance group produced by MITOMI TOKOTO under the agency CYBERJAPAN, with 16 dancers to their credit, they are very well known in Japan for their animations in festivals, clubs, model activities… They also have a youtube channel with their own titles.

It was with Hello Kitty that they decided to collaborate! A nice advertisement with the TEAMK (KANAE 、 KAZUE 、 KANA 、 KAREN) of Cyber ​​Japan was therefore released on April 27, 2020 on the Youtube channel of SHIFFON (You can find the whole collection for sale on their site).

In this new collection you will be able to find T-shirts and Sweatshirts bearing the image of TEAMK members in Hello Kitty! (sexy isn’t it?)

T-shirt at 2200 円 and Sweatshirts at 3300 円. Also available for men!



Official Website Cyber Japan Dancers:

Official Website SHIFFON:

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