Gal to kyouryuu soon in animation series and live film !

“Kaede is a young Japanese gyaru who leads a very banal life. One fine day, she wakes up and discovers, at the foot of her bed, a dinosaur! She decides to take care of this “pet” from another time and, surprised, it is not very complicated to raise. Indeed, just like her, he likes watching TV, eating and keep abreast of the latest clothing trends! looks pretty jovial… here is something that should add a little spice to Kaede’s daily life. “

Gal to Kyōryū (also known as My Roomie Is a Dino) is a manga created by husband and wife team Moriko Mori and Kōta Tomimura. Who are the story writer and the artist, respectively. The manga currently has at least 20 chapters on two tankōbon volumes. The first of which was published on April 4, 2019 and the second on September 6, 2019. A third is scheduled for February 6, 2020. To be associated with an anime and a series live action generated by the popularity of the manga (whose release is scheduled for April 2020).

A youtube channel has also been opened to announce the new anime:

A Drama about this manga was also released the same day! Actress Yashiro Nana has posted a few videos with her dinosaur on her YouTube channel!

Previously, it was announced that the exclusive model of Happie Nuts 8467 (Yashiro Nana) would play Kaede. But apparently in the first episode only, the figure of Dino’s friend was the male actor Mieharu …

The director explained the reason for this change from the beginning of the story:
“I was thinking of making a story before Kaede and Dinosaur meet, and it would be interesting if he was an uncle. “

Official Website: