You may have notice lots of Japanese youtubers trying a “menhera”, “jirai” or “ryosangata” makeup recently, but what is those exactly?

Menhera makeup (メンヘラメイク) and Jirai makeup (地雷メイク) are the opposite of Ryosangata makeup (量産型メイク).

All those 3 could be associated with Larme Kei (LARME系) but have their own particularity. Let’s discover each of them today and how to apply them to your everyday look!

A same origin: the love of dolls with Larme Kei

 Japan has always loved vintage aesthetics coming from European countries like France or England. One of the most popular terms utilized in Japanese fashion and that inspired both Larme Kei and Lolita is “French dolls”, referring to the porcelain dolls with big eyes, baby faces and dressed like in the 19th century. It became one of the major beauty goals to achieve thanks to makeup (or more) for some Japanese fashionistas.

Larme Kei fashion and beauty are highlighted is the LARME magazine, and LARME company has been recently founded (discover our article here).

❤ Menhera/Jirai ❤

The Menhera and Jirai styles are worn mainly by young women with “sick and cute dolls” makeup.

Jirai was basically a word used by boys when they went out with girls who have two sides: a hyper happy side in society and a depressed side at home. Menhera and Jirai makeups are thus not very popular amongst boys/young men.

By using this kind of makeup, girls can express their unhappiness and unhealthiness, and still find themselves cutes with the other girls.

Menhera and Jirai are more a way of thinking and a way of doing things than a simple fashion and makeup style, with dark atmosphere and dark colors.

Tsubasa Masuwaka, a famous Japanese youtuber and creator of the Japanese brand fashion EATME and cosmetic brands candydoll and dollywink, shared her personal story on one of her videos explaining the differences between Jirai and Ryosangata makeup.

She had a lot of complexes, like the girls who adopted Jirai makeup. In terms of clothing, her brand EATME contains Jirai clothes, aiming to reach and create clothes on the “dark” side for girls who don’t feel comfortable with who they are.

Points to remember:

✮ Fashion: white, black, very pale pink or red, monochrome.

✮ Makeup: the skin must be pale and white. Use colored contact lenses. The make-up method is different from usual: eye bags present with pale pink or red eye shadow to show your inner self but looking cute on the outside.

Discover a Menhera/Jirai makeup playlist made by Tokyo Street Style on Youtube!

💖 Ryosangata 💖

The Ryosangata style is worn mainly by young women with “cute dolls” makeup.

This style is more popular with boys/young men because it doesn’t have that “creepy” side that Menhera and Jirai makeups have.

Tips from Tsubasa Masuwaka: photos must be taken in the sun to give an angelic side, wear clearer lens, and use roses, browns, chocolates tones with shiny lips.

Points to remember:

✮ Fashion: white, black, very pale pink or red, monochrome.

✮ Makeup: use natural shade eyeshadows, mascaras, some blushes and a lipstick. The face should look flawless to makes you look dolly and cute.

Discover a Ryosangata makeup playlist made by Tokyo Street Style on Youtube!

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