Care Souffle Lip

T-Garden has revealed 4 colors of “Care Souffle Lip” and 1 color of “Care Gloss Dark” of “Candy Doll”, a brand of cosmetics produced by the talented producer Tsubasa Masuwaka. Available from May 18, 2020.

With a mixture of 3 types of vegetable oils, you can delicately hydrate your dry lips.

A dull color that improves the transparency of the skin

Candy Doll Care Souffle Lip Movi Pink 401 / 1,100 yen (hors taxe)

An exquisite dull color in which all the colors mix little by little with blue and black. It fits well on the skin and improves transparency, giving the impression of a shiny and luminous face.

“Movi Pink 401” is a slightly dull raw pink! A color that can be used for many occasions and clothes.

Candy Doll Care Suffl Lip Spring Red 402/1100 yen (excluding taxes)

Mucous red, Colorful, but not flashy, and elegant.

Candy Doll Care Suffle Lip Antique Plum 404/1100 yens (hors taxes)

Plum color with a dark atmosphere. An adult color for women that has sex appeal even if it is not intentional.

Three roles in one! Repairing care shiny dark.

Candy Doll Care Gloss Dark / 1,100 yen (tax excluded)

Containing lots of vegetable oil and moisturizing ingredients, it’s a versatile lip oil that does not stick to moisture and can be used for care and change as desired. Easy to use not only alone but also with a matte lip.

① Change in texture
A bright black shine with fine sequins which gives a transparent luster. A lipstick that gives a matte lip gloss with a single layer.

② Change of shade
A dark color that accentuates the tone of the color and adds depth to the color of the lips. The single color is removed for all lip colors, and the atmosphere is completely changed!

③ Care for damaged lips
If applied to dry lips with lip makeup, moisturize the oil to dry and peel it. You can apply it without sticking and reapply the matte lipstick.

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