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In the beginning called Gyaru-Mama, young Japanese Moms (often in the Gyaru style) put themselves on Youtube to share their daily life with their children, as well as their busy schedule whether it is their life as a mom or professional.


One of the best known at the moment is the model of Egg “Seina“, she is an active 17 years (just graduated) highschool with her child of 6 months named Lala. She decided to start her youtube channel to showcase her life as a young mother.

“From the spring of this year, I want to become a model. And with Lala, I want to teach Reiwa moms on how to take care of kids, do fashion, make-up and nails. Showing on my YouTube that gal’s mom can also be cute and have fun. “


A very famous Mum in the Gyaru community is the beauty blogger and true “woman of the night” Chiimelo with her child Ryuchalo, several times she created the buzz by regularly putting her son forward and dressing him in Gyaru-O (Gyaru but for men, often working in Host Club). For these 8 years he celebrated his birthday in a host club in the red light district of Kabukicho. Video available here.

Chiimelo learned a lot from his mistakes by exposing such a young Ryucharo to so many activities, and since then he has stopped almost everything. She now shares their everyday family life with her two children and her boyfriend Akitan.


The 3rd model in this ranking is the pretty influencer, model and blogger, Tomi, alias Mama Gal on Youtube. She manages a blog showing her several hauls, daily life and advises. Her blog is available right here.


NUTS’ model Katomika is also a Gyaru Mama! But exposes her child much less than the others by putting on glasses or other patterns to mask the baby’s face.

Fukuse Yuuri

I think a lot of fashion victims should know her, if you like makeup, fashion and YouTubers. You certainly heard about the famous
Fukuse yuuri” aka Marilyn. And yes, she’s a mom too! But she blurs the faces of these children in her videos. At 23, She is very well known for these make-ups and transformations, guests collaborations and beauty tips inspired by overseas trends…

Some have learned from their mistakes, blur their children, but it is encouraging for moms in Japan to have role models like them who do things in their motherhood instead of being hidden by their husbands or their professional activities.

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