Collaboration Hello Kitty x Chanmina

You probably know Chanmina, the Japanese singer and rapper nicknamed “the Beyoncé of Nerima“, as well as the Hello Kitty brand.

So what could be better than a Hello Kitty x Chanmina collaboration?  

The new collection was released on May 10th ! Hurry up !

The famous Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty, the fictional Japanese character, was born in 1974. This little cat has become the most famous character in Japan. Everybody’s tearing off miniatures. Hello Kitty has now become known all over the world. This brand is “kawaii” (cute in Japanese). You would have understood it in Japan it is not just a question of aesthetics. The question arises on social as well as economic political points. 

The movement Kawaii

This word in Japan takes on its full meaning and becomes a timeless movement. This movement appears in the same years as the famous cat figurine. Writing, behaving and speaking Kawaii then aroused an unprecedented craze among Japanese high school students. Very quickly, this fashion extends to clothes, food, objects of everyday life, entertainment. The main rule everything must be cute as childish, innocent, pink. Hello Kitty will be successful at that time.

A sign of rebellion

This simple movement should not be considered a sign of fashion. Wouldn’t the fact of wanting to return to childhood be a sign of rebellion on the part of the Japanese? Refusing to grow up, refusing to take responsibility for the community, working hard without complaining. 

The young artist Chanmina

This young 21-year-old artist born in South Korea mixes all styles in her music. From dark pop to Japanese rap and a Chanmina ballad, she has conquered the hearts of young people. A trilingual artist, Chanmina has successfully met the challenge of rapping in English, Korean and Japanese. 

Since her debut in 2016, she has managed to balance several musical styles to become one of the most prominent women in Japanese hip-hop. In Asia, there are many musical collaborations between Japan and Korean, and Chanmina represents both worlds.

A phenomenal success

This singer is only at the beginning of her career. Thanks to her inimitable style she has more possibilities to aim for world success.

Thanks to this collaboration Hello Kitty x Chanmina, both parties are winners. Clothes and accessories are already available for sale!

Hurry up and buy your item!

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