“Custom Shadow” Custom your eyeshadows with Dolly Wink!

Dolly Wink (brand of the famous Tsubasa Masuwaka) recently published a new Custom eyeshadows’s palette.

You choose your favorite colors and you just have to put them in the palette provided for! The collection will be in presale in some stores from June 6, 2020 (Saturday) and will be released on July 6 (Monday) in Japan.

Dolly Wink “Custom Shadow” is composed of 12 single-color and sparkling eyeshadows. With a smooth texture that you can apply easily either with your finger or with a brush (a small brush is provided with the palette). 1 eyeshadow is priced at 680 Yen (Excluding Taxes).

Pretty nude and natural colors to use them for all event and for any style. Two palettes are available for sale, one limited, one that you can compose with maximum 8 eyeshadows, size M 1,500 yen (excluding taxes) and a second with the possibility of 4 eyeshadows, Size S 950 yen (excluding taxes). Very practical during your travels!

The Limited edition is the L palette which will contain all the eyeshadows from the collection!

A very simple but “kawaii” packaging with the new Dolly Wink logo with the “D”. Here is a little swatch that can perhaps convince you of the beauty of the eyeshadows:

You can combine the eyeshadows with popular DOLLY WINK items such as EASY LASH and My Best Liner to create even more cute eye makeup, so try them !

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