Walt Disney Japan has announced original yukata and Japanese goods for adults and for kids for 2020! They are now available on our online shop Tokyo Street Style Shop.

There are two types of yukata for adults that will be available this year. 

Mickey Mouse Yukata

10.890 yen (tax included)

This yukata with Mickey Mouse motif is based on white with traditional Japanese patterns such as hemp leaves and checkered pattern, and a plum blossom pattern. It combines flowers and Mickey icons for a modern design. Depending on the coordination, it can be worn in a mature or cute way.

You can wear it to a festival, fireworks event or just for a summer outing. The beautiful yukata and the basket bag of the same series (sold separately) will make you stylish and memorable for the season. Have fun!

Alice in Wonderland Yukata

10.890 yen (tax included) 

The other is a new yukata with an Alice in Wonderland motif. The dark navy-based yukata expresses the world of the movie in a Japanese design. The brightly colored floral pattern gives an elegant impression, and the design is subtly decorated with character motifs such as Alice, or even The Cheshire cat if you look closely. The set’s obi is also a highlight.

You can wear it to festivals, firework shows, and of course, for a summer outing. Enjoy creating fashionable and memorable memories of the season in a beautiful yukata! Other Japanese goods such as bags and fans using the same design are also available. Try coordinating them with yukata!

Disney Yukata Collection Accessories

Recommended Japanese goods to be coordinated with yukata!

4.950 yen (tax included)

Mickey parasol with a UV shielding rate is over 90% that can be used as a temporary rain umbrella. Let’s protect your skin from UV rays and go out in comfort!

1.100 yen each (tax included)

Mickey & Winnie-the-Pooh fans (sold separately) that come with fans bag for easy carrying.

Mickey, Donald, Daisy & Goofy key chain plushies: 2.530 yen each (tax included), Chip & Dale key chain plushies: 3.630 yen (tax included).

Five different key chain plushies in yukata are available: Mickey, Donald, Daisy, Chip & Dale and Goofy!

4.620 yen (tax included)

And to carry everything, a basket bag has a Japanese style with Mickey design is also available!

Yukata and accessories for kids

Toy Story yukata: 3.850 yen (tax included), Ariel yukata & Elsa yukata: 4.950 yen each (tax included). Flounder bag & Bunny bag: 2.750 yen each (tax included)

Items for kids are also available at Shop Disney! The lineup includes cute yukata designs with motifs of Elsa (Frozen) and Ariel (The Little Mermaid), as well as popular Toy Story 4 designs with large pictures of characters, perfect for yukata. Two shoulder bags with the design of Flounder (The Little Mermaid) and Bunny (Toy Story 4) are also available!

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