Interview with Aimero: model from EGG magazine !

Today we are going to introduce you another model from Egg whom we met, she was already known on social networks before joining EGG, thanks to her passion for Kpop including the groups of YG entertainment and her very style creative! : AIMERO

  • First, can you introduce yourself?

Aimero : I’m an exclusive model at EGG, my name is Aimero. I’m 20 years old. I love K-Pop, especially BIGBANG and BLACKPINK!

  • How did you become a model at EGG?

Aimero : I saw the ad for looking for new models and signed up with LINE LIVE. And that’s how I became a model since October 2019.

  • Why were you attracted to the Gyaru style ?

Aimero : I have always been interested in the Gyaru! Since a long time !

  • Abroad, people still have the 2000s vision of Gyaru styles (Hime, Rokku, Manba, Donkey, …), is it still relevant ?

Aimero : Before, having dark skin and very light makeup were the prerequisites for being Gyaru. Now in the Reiwa era, you can be Gyaru even with fair skin so it has changed in the right direction.

  • Did you know that there are foreign Gyaru communities that gather a lot of people on social networks and organize events? What do you think of his foreign communities ?

Aimero : Ah I did not know at all. Honestly, I’m very happy. To see that there are people all over the world who love Gyaru and come together makes me happy.

  • What is Gyaru for you? Do you think there are conditions, a guideline to follow to be equal? (At personality or other level ?)

Aimero : Being sighted and wearing whatever you want – clothing, nails, makeup, etc. Really do what you love without caring about others. I want it to spread all over the world.

  • Do you have a particular style? What are the 3 important points in your style?

Aimero : I always take care to have beautiful long nails. Then, compared to my clothes, I pay close attention to the small details to complete a look. Finally, always wear pink, even in my hair.

  • People often recognize you with your colored hair, especially pink, is this your favorite color ?

Aimero : Yes I love pink! I realized that it is a color that really suits my complexion, to the point of even having my hair dyed entirely in flashy pink!

  • You are a big fan of KPOP and you develop original styles around your favorite bands. Where does this creativity come from ?

Aimero : Since I became a fan of K-Pop, I have been interested in fashion from South Korea. For example, seeing the styles of BLACKPINK, I found it very cool and suddenly I try to integrate them into my style.
  • What are your favorite brands? (Fashion, beauty, lens)

Aimero : I don’t have favorite brands like “I just buy that”. Usually, I buy the products on the net according to my tastes and if it would go well with my showy style.

  • Do you have models, favorite personalities, influences, people you respect ?

Aimero : Lisa from BLACKPINK and Ji-Yong (G-DRAGON) from BIGBANG.

  • What do you do outside of your activities with the magazine ?

Aimero : I listen to BIGBANG and BLACKPINK, so K-pop (laughs). Otherwise I play a lot of video games called “Knives Out”.

  • Have you ever been abroad? Do you have a place you would like to visit? (ideal place in the world)

Aimero :The place I would most like to visit is South Korea!

  • Did you know that there are many events around the world and especially in Europe around Japanese culture and which have prestigious guests (like Masukawa Tsubasa, Kubota Masutaka, Yoshiki, Yamada Ryosuke (Johnny’s), AKB48)

Aimero : Ah I did not know at all!

  • Would you be interested to be invited and represent EGG ?

Aimero : Of course !

  • What projects would you like to carry out with EGG ?

Aimero : I wish that with the members of EGG we could create things that it is lines of clothing, make-up etc. and thanks to that, the Gyaru is spreading around the world.

  • Do you have a message for your foreign fans ?

Aimero : Thank you for loving the Gyaru and EGG !