We present to you today, without whom EGG could not have relived in recent years: Akaogi Hitomi! Just like these models, Hitomi is also a very passionate gyaru, but she choose to be a little less in the spotlight. She is very close to her team and it was therefore an immense honor to exchange with her on her professional “dream” including her passion for the gyaru style.

  • First, can you introduce yourself ?

Hitomi : I’m Akaogi Hitomi, the editor-in-chief of EGG. I am 23 years old and I have been a Gyaru since elementary school.

  • Abroad, people still have the 2000s vision of Gyaru styles (Hime, Rokku, Manba, Donkey, …), is it still relevant ?

Hitomi : If we compare to the 2000s, the Manba have really disappeared and now the Gyaru are both light or dark skinned, they like Kpop etc… So new genres have appeared.

  • Do you think ParaPara is still in fashion ?

Hitomi : With confinement because of the Coronavirus, there has been a real revival in Japan towards the ParaPara and the Gyaru fashion of the 2000s because it is a nifty way to spend yourself while not needing a lot of space. Besides, mothers who were before Gyaru dance it with their children for example.

  • Did you know that there are foreign Gyaru communities which gather a lot of people on social networks and who organize events ?

Hitomi : Oh I didn’t know! I am really happy !

  • What is Gyaru for you? Do you think there are conditions, a guideline to follow to be equal? (At the personality level or other?)

Hitomi : Being Gyaru for me is the only way of life that really suits me. Even the way of thinking and expressing feelings is important, I have a lot of Gyaru friends. I love being Gyaru! I would really like it to be exported abroad !

  • Do you have a particular style? What are the 3 important points in your style ?

Hitomi :In my case, makeup, hairstyle and clothes are important. The most important thing is to make them according to his desires and tastes.

  • Can you describe your work at EGG?

Hitomi : EGG was originally a magazine that shared the Gyaru culture from 1999 to 2014. Then I took over the web version of EGG about 2 years ago. Through our YouTube channel, we can share videos around makeup, fashion and other entertainment. This year, we were able to release three physical magazines.

  • What were your motivations to relaunch Egg magazine?

Hitomi :In Japan, in 2014, EGG was really endangered when there were still Gyaru all over the country, even if we saw less in Shibuya. Thanks to SNS, I got to know all of his people who still liked the Gyaru style and first we took over the web version. Then with social networks, we were able to share our passion with more and more people.

  • Can you explain the difference between the old EGG and the current EGG?

Hitomi : Before, it was just a simple magazine, now it’s much more! Social networks, videos make it possible for us to explain to people how to make up with tutorials. Being able to see on video how to use the products featured in the magazine is very interesting for our audience.

  • What a typical day looks like at EGG?

Hitomi :During a month, we plan a week of work in order to be able to film and photograph everything necessary. Everyone joins on Shibuya to have as much content as possible to post throughout the month on our YouTube channel.

  • Do you have models, favorite personalities, influences, people you respect ?

Hitomi : I have a lot of respect for the people who were the old models of EGG. Now, I cannot say that I admire such and such a person because he is Gyaru, that is not the case with celebrities either. On the other hand I would like EGG models to become this kind of people to admire.

  • What do you do outside of your activities with the magazine?

Hitomi : Mmmmmh, in my personal hours I often go drinking with friends (making nomikai).

  • Have you ever been abroad? Do you have a place you would like to visit? (ideal place in the world)

Hitomi : I have already been to South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam several times. I would like to visit Hawaii, Los Angeles and Europe.

  • Did you know that there are many events around the world and especially in Europe around Japanese culture and which have prestigious guests (such as Masukawa Tsubasa, Kubota Masutaka, Yoshiki, Yamada Ryosuke (Johnny’s), AKB48)

Hitomi : I was not aware of such events. I think I’ve heard of Japan Expo before!

  • Would you be interested in being invited and representing EGG ?

Hitomi :I would love to participate!

  • Do you know a few words in english / french ?

Hitomi : No words, sorry I didn’t study much in my life (laughs)

  • Do you have other projects afterwards ?

Hitomi :For the future, I would like EGG to become more famous around the world. Knowing that we have been able to propagate the Gyaru culture from Heisei to Reiwa, we would like it to last until the next era and more if possible. This is the main purpose of EGG.

  • Do you have a message for your foreign fans ?

Hitomi : Thank you for giving so much support to EGG! Let’s become Gyaru together and spread it around the world, we would be very grateful!

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