Interview with Hyuga : Male model from EGG Magazine

To all our men audience, we have not forgotten you! We had the chance to interview the male model from EGG, HYUGA! There are also Gyaru Men, so you’ll find below our interview with him and all his tips to become a Gyaru Men!

First, can you introduce yourself ?

Hyuga : My name is Hyuga, I’m 21 years old. I have been a model at EGG for barely 5 months, a little less than a year. I like movies, especially Pirates of the Caribbean (laughs). I am also the representative of male models at EGG.

  • How did you become a model at EGG ?

Hyuga : At first, I was making videos on TikTok and thanks to my growing popularity, I joined EGG. I’m around 200,000 followers right now.

  • Why were you attracted to the Gyaru style?

Hyuga : AI didn’t really have an interest in the Gyaru. Little by little, I wanted to make myself more attractive and the Gyaru-O seemed cool to me so I became one. Besides, currently in Japan, people are pretty simple and by wearing flashy clothes, I wanted to be noticed, hence why I became like that.

  • What is Gyaru for you? Do you think there are conditions, a guideline to follow to be equal? (At personality or other level ?)

Hyuga : On the men’s side, you could say that people who are versatile in their style are Gyaru. In terms of clothing, even if before it was only the bling-bling light, now there are various genres, for example streetwear, which we can try. What’s really cool is this ability to be able to change styles as you wish.

  • Do you have a particular style? What are the 3 important points in your style ?

Hyuga : On the men’s side, it’s putting on clothes very close to the body for a bit, how to say, let guess the muscles that are underneath. Then the haircut is important, in my case it’s always the bangs lifted because it gives me an impression of strength and cheerful atmosphere. Third, dark skin is also a must for men.

  • Abroad use the term “Gyaru-O” to denote Gyaru guys, do you consider yourself Gyaru, is there another term to refer to you ?

Hyuga : In reality, since the Heisei era the Gyaru-O have almost disappeared, the kind of people with long hair and long bangs. Now we all have shorter hair and it’s sure that we are much less visually speaking than before. We don’t say “Gyaru-O” anymore but Mens Gyaru.

  • What are your favorite brands? (Fashion, beauty, lens)

Hyuga : I don’t have any favorite brands but even in men have paid attention to our skin so we use masks for example. At the brand level, there are many different things at Zara.

  • Do you have models, favorite personalities, influences, people you respect ?

Hyuga :Someone I find really cool, actor Oguri Shun. I think it’s Japan’s celebrity that naturally attracts him. Women will surely understand me, there are these people who naturally exude sensuality without being unhealthy. As a man, I want to develop this attraction and become like him.

  • What do you do outside of your activities with the magazine ?

Hyuga : I am also a YouTuber so I shoot and upload my videos.

  • Have you ever been abroad? Do you have a place you would like to visit? (ideal place in the world)

Hyuga : I have been to the Philippines before. I would like to go to New York, because there are so many people from different countries going there. It’s the perfect place to open your mind and discover new ways of seeing the world.

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  • Did you know that there are many events around the world and especially in Europe around Japanese culture and which have prestigious guests (like Masukawa Tsubasa, Kubota Masutaka, Yoshiki, Yamada Ryosuke (Johnny’s), AKB48)

Hyuga : Oh I didn’t know! It’s cool !!!!

  • Would you be interested in being invited and representing EGG ?

Hyuga : Very interested !

  • Do you know a few words in english / french ?

Hyuga : In French no but in English if I hear something I can understand it a little. When I go abroad, I will pretend to understand by shaking my head (laughs).

  • Do you have other projects afterwards ?

Hyuga : There are not many young men in EGG but a very female audience. So I would like to provoke them with a “Munekyun”. In fact, I’m Mirichamu’s ex-boyfriend, we broke up in February. I would like to experience various relationships at the same time. As a young man in EGG, I would like to become the most popular ACE.

  • In the West, the Gyaru style is seen as a predominantly feminine style. Do you have any advice for men who would like to get started despite their “fear”?

Hyuga : It is true ! My foreign friends tell me that for example my haircut would not go abroad and I am amazed. But after all, I do what I love. Comparing styles abroad and in Japan are different. What I can give as a first tip, even if the head shape of the Japanese is a little different, is to try different haircuts. We Japanese are used to “Two Block”, which means shaving on the sides of the head. I think that would best come as a first step towards the Mens Gyaru.

  • Do you have a message for your foreign fans ?

Hyuga : There are not enough Gyaru men so it would be cool if more dared to get started. We, the Mens Gyaru, do our best to be recognized everywhere.