Interview with Kirippu : Model from EGG magazine

Interview with Kirei : model from EGG magazine

In collaboration with the French gal-unit “Gyaransu“, Tokyo Street Style had the opportunity to interview some models from EGG magazine. Egg being a Japanese magazine focused on Gyaru fashion since 1995, it was arrested in 2014, but resumed its activities thanks to various people – including Hitomi (which you will soon discover in one of our next articles).

In order to open the “EGG” interview series, we will start with the very popular model from KIREI magazine. Loved for her very spontaneous personality, her very accentuated make-up which recalls the old gyaru generations, her overflowing sense of humor and her sexy attitude, you will surely fall under her charm!


Kirei, photo ©Tokyo Street Style

  • First, can you introduce yourself?

Kirei : My name is Kirei, I’m 20 years old. I have been an exclusive model at EGG for 2 years now.

  • How did you become a model at EGG ?

Kirei : By chance, I got spotted by recruiters who were looking for mannequins for the magazine.

  • Were you ever interested in gyaru fashion ?

Kirei : It was just because I could not live seriously that I became like that. I do what I love.

  • Abroad, people still have the 2000s vision of Gyaru styles (Hime, Rokku, Manba, Ane, …), is it still relevant ?

Kirei : At the time, there were indeed a lot of “Manba”, but now this fashion is outdated. We are more in a state of mind where everyone makes a showy makeup with the things they like.

  • Do you have a particular style? What are the 3 important points in your style ?

Kirei : First, have tanned skin, then my tattoos. Then last, always be in the company of a handsome guy.

  • Do you have models, favorite personalities, influences, people you respect ?

Kirei : My grandmother because she’s the type who doesn’t let herself be trodden on. She is very educated.

  • What do you do outside of your activities with the magazine?

Kirei : Motorcycles and … make love (laughs).

  • Have you ever been abroad? Do you have a place you would like to visit? (ideal place in the world)

Kirei : Nowhere (laughs). I want to go to Jamaica and Africa!

  • Did you know that there are many events in the world and especially in Europe around Japanese culture and which have prestigious guests (like Masukawa Tsubasa, Kubota Masutaka, Yoshiki, Yamada Ryosuke (Johnny’s), AKB48)

Kirei : i didn’t know !

  • Would you be interested to be invited and represent EGG ?

Kirei : Yes totally !

  • Do you know a few words in french ?

Kirei : Bonjour, rascal? (laughs)

  • Do you have other projects afterwards?

Kirei : I managed to have 200 eyelashes in extensions. For the rest, I would like to shave my head on Seijinshiki day (laughs). But I think my boyfriend will leave me after that.

  • Do you have a message for your foreign fans?

Kirei : Help us to have a little more audience and let EGG be recognized worldwide!


photo ©Tokyo Street Style

EGG official website :

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