Japanese fashion company ITS’DEMO has collaborated with Ojamajo Doremi to create a limited edition ITS’DEMO x Ojamajo Doremi. This collection has been online since May 26, 2020 on the ITS’DEMO website’s boutique. The date of release in store remains to be defined. This limited edition was created to celebrate the release of the film “In search of the apprentice witch” next autumn.

Here’s the credits to give you an idea of what’s in store for you: 

Everyone remembers Ojamajo Doremi, is an anime from the 2000s. The daily lives of 5 young girls caught up in a strange magical adventure are highlighted. The series is based on scenes from everyday life devoted to real subjects. The wide choice of subjects presented has been an immediate success with a large audience. From school and other forms of harassment to racism and discrimination, to acceptance and forgiveness. 

This is the second collaboration between the two Japanese fashion companies together, one that has created a fad before and captured the attention of all the girls in the country. This collaboration, which continues to make adults shine today! “Moat! From “Ojama Witch Remi” are two works of art created, one with a pastry chef’s outfit pattern and the other with a fairy motif, which will obviously tickle the hearts of fans.

ITS’ DEMO x Ojamajo Doremi offers a wide variety of soft touch accessories (stationery and pouches), personalized with original art, for the daily use of adult women, as well as sweets that will make great gifts for children.

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