If you like Gyaru fashion and in particular EGG magazine, you must know Momo, one of the head models of the magazine. She is also a Youtuber, and often collaborates with brands such as Twinkle Eyes (she also has her own collection of contact lenses with them), Rady (clothing) …

Now she created her own brand ! : More..Mi.

“More..mi is a cosmetics’s collection representing my current self. Modern, adult and sometimes girly. More..Mi is “Kawaii” and was created to be used in everyday moods. Choose “kawaii” and enjoy it. A cosmetic brand that creates a real personality. “

You can find there body milk, containing 6 types of organic oils to bring softness and shine to your skin. A very hydrating texture! It can be used all year round, from dry winter, which tends to be dry, to summer when stickiness is an issue.

Shiny lip gloss, 90% moisturizing ingredients. A hydrated, shiny and very colorful lip gloss with pleasant elasticity. An all-in-one type that combines shine and lips so you can enjoy bright colors in just one application.

We can’t wait to see more about “More..mi” !

Official Website: https://more-mi.com/

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