Felissimo has launched a new club called Magic Club™.

A collaboration was created between the popular illustrator Fouatons and designer Magic Club.

We assure you that the first episode is unique!

Magic Club ™ brings you magic that intoxicates and changes you, so that those who need excitement and courage when they get bored every day feel the magic of the story. If you want to join Magic Club ™, you will be part of creating a magical world today!

The collaboration has resulted in clothing that adults can take ownership of. The details make you, a woman an elegant and flexible lady with a classic and feminine silhouette. Navy blue was chosen because it is the most resistant of the natural dyes. It does not fade as quickly in the sun, and does not fade as quickly when exposed to the elements.

As for off-white, it brings softness and improves the clarity of clothing. Sleeves and buttons create an elegant look. The dress is tightened at the waist to refine your silhouette. This dress uses floral symbols to express the possibility of miracles and that dreams come true sooner or later. 

Second episode

For the second story, Magic Club x Fouatons created a shirt with romantic details on the front and back. The shiny black brings mystery to the clothes.

A skirt can be tuned to the second story of Magic Club x Fouatons. The front of the skirt is decorated with an antique buckle on a black collar. Inside the dress, every step you take will give you the impression of a starry navy blue sky.

An accessory from the Magic Club x Fouatons collaboration makes its appearance. The navy blue velvet fabric is embroidered with stars to create a pretty starry sky to match your skirt. The strings connecting your bundle give it a graceful lightness.

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