The brand Samantha Vega, well known for these luxury handbags, presenting the Japanese pop culture of Tokyo with the theme “cute // fashion” has recently put on sale their new collaboration … with Pokémon! It will be available for pre-order on June 23, 2020 in the official Samantha Vega online store and on July 15, 2020 in Samantha Vega stores across the land of the rising sun.

Adopt a Team Rocket look or a Kawaii look with Eevee, Pikachu, Gengar but also the famous Poké Ball that you can find in this adorable collection! “SAMANTHA VEGA meets Pokemon Collection” is a cute and happy collection in which the branding and items of “SAMANTHA VEGA” express the world view of Pokemon.

In the visual, actress and model Tina Tamashiro, who is very popular with young people and a wide range of generations and produces Samantha Vega bags, appeared as a model.

A pretty shoulder bag with a “Pikachu” face design and A sweet shoulder bag designed with the “Eevee” face and a “Gengar” pouch as well as a handbag in the color of this same pokemon (purple) with a very elegant strap in the shape of a pokeball is added to this collection.

Other bags are also available but beware, The special collection will be offered in limited numbers to first customers.

Pokemon Series Eco Bag will be presented to those who purchase 15,000 yen or more. Both are limited in quantity.

A pop-up store will be held at the main Osaka / Hankyu Umeda store. And at this same store, Pikachu patterned backpacks will be sold in limited quantities.

Do you like Samantha Vega and Pokémon but your budget is quite limited? There is no problem, the brand has also thought of releasing small accessories such as phone cases and straps in order to customize your phone, bags, etc.

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