Support Japanese nurses with Koji Fukada’s film “A Girl Missing”!

The operation

The French association Hanabi, which relays everything related to Japan and its culture, has joined forces with French distributor Art House, which specializes in Japanese films, in launching a campaign to support health workers in Japan who have been subjected to shocking harassment during the current health situation.

Hanabi had already mobilized against bullying two years ago on the occasion of the release of the film “A Silent Voice”. This time, it is through the film “A Girl Missing”, which will be released this summer, that the association has decided to take action against the harassment of healthcare workers in Japan.

Every evening, French people applauded doctors and nurses during the crisis and, if there were also victims of violence or injunctions to be noted, these acts were quite rare and were relayed in the media and supported by the nursing order which encouraged the health care staff to file a complaint, by filing a civil action.

This was not the case in Japan, although their nurses often worked in even more difficult conditions. Worse, a wave of ostracism has swept the country because of the virus. That is why Japanese health care workers deserve just as much support.

By participating in the initiative of Nagano Prefecture, the Hanabi Association and the distributor Art House will make donations to medical personnel who have worked on the front line in difficult conditions. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to help the nurses to lodge a complaint against the moral harassment they have suffered, as this is not a crime in Japan.

That is why your support is essential!

Each of your actions on Youtube will allow a donation to this cause: 1 cent for each view of the film trailer, 10 cents for each like or each commentary of the film trailer and even 1 euro for each subscription to Hanabi!

It’s easy to make your support reach them: discover the breathtaking trailer of “A Girl Missing”, comment on it and share it with your loved ones until July 1st, so that the financial support is as significant as possible, thanks to you.

The intensity of applause to the Japanese staff depends on you! 👏

“A Girl Missing”

Koji Fukada’s film “A Girl Missing”, with Mariko Tsutsui will be released in theaters in France on August 5th.

Ichiko works as a private nurse for a family she has almost become a part of. While Ichiko cares for the grandmother, she is also a confidant to Motoko, the eldest sister.
But one day, Motoko’s younger sister disappears. And the media soon reveal the kidnapper to be Ichiko’s own nephew…

Discover the trailer here (French subtitles only) :

As well as all information about the film here (in French) : https://www.club-vo.fr/films/linfirmiere/