Japanese fashion’s followers, you must surely know the magazine LARME.

The fashion magazine “LARME” will be reissued as a quarterly magazine from September. The original editor, Haruna Nakagori (who worked for Ageha), returned and bought Larme’s business from Tokuma Shoten and managed it through Larme Co., Ltd., which she founded. The new company has capital of 17.95 million yen.

Larme was published for the first time in September 2012. With a concept of “Fashion magazine for sweet, sweet and cute girls”, it transmitted a girly vision of the world with Risa Nakamura, Maria Kurutaki, Maka Nishi, Yui Kanno, Nana Kato and Maika Yamamoto as models.

When the decision to suspend publication of the magazine was decided, the editorial staff contacted Haruna Nakagori to discuss the business continuity. She said, “At first I thought that if Larme’s name recognition and brand power were there, the next publisher would be decided soon, but a Chinese capital company raised their hands. There was also information. So I had to buy it and avoid losing the Larme that I had built so far, I wanted to protect it at my own risk.

In the new Larme, which Haruna takes care of, the main objective is fixed on adolescent girls up to 20 years old, as before the publication was suspended. They will offer a style that incorporates trends, while retaining the girly vision. Some of the regular models of the old Larme will continue their activities, and new models will be there ! The editorial staff has a new structure after the reprint, and approximately four new members have joined the editorial staff. In addition to developing an online version based on EC, he will also focus on SNS such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube.

In the publishing sector, magazine sales have continued to be slow, and Haruna Nakagori highlights the actual volume of sales, but sees it as a situation where women’s magazines cannot exist in a business that builds only on actual sales volume. “At Larme, the content will be developed so that readers know a book for themselves only, not a book for the majority of others”, and strengthen the relationship.

“Founding of LARME Co., Ltd. LARME is independent from the old publisher, and I will be the representative director / editor in the future. My goal is to create new possibilities for publishers. And make a solid and beautiful book that can replace the tears of girls. That’s all. Everything else doesn’t matter. “

Official Website (Magazine): https://larme-magazine.jp/

Official Website (Shop): https://larme.co/