What is Chaiborg makeup?

The term “Chaiborg” is a combination of “China” and “Cyborg” and refers to a Chinese beauty so perfect and inhuman that it looks like a cyborg.

If you’re looking for a cute look, come on over! Chaiborg makeup gives a strong and cool image, with its distinct characteristics: matte and white skin (symbol of beauty in China), drawn eyebrows, precise eyeliner, thick contouring and bright red lips. Most Chinese Chaiborg influencers are also as thin as dolls.

These Chinese “dolls” with strong make-up have become the object of much admiration among Japanese women because of their inhuman appearance.

Until a few years ago, Korean makeup and cosmetics were all the rage in Japan. However, recently, the trend has gradually started to shift towards Chinese makeup, which gives Japanese women a strong and cool impression, preferable to cute Korean makeup.

Chaiborg makeup can seem complicated to make, so we will show you how to make it simply step by step!

Chairborg makeup tutorial

Several sites dedicated to Japanese beauty such as Shiseido and ViVi explain how to make Chairborg makeup in Japanese & here is the English version summarized by Tokyo Street Style!

Here are five characteristics of the Chaiborg makeup :

★ Point 1: Do not hesitate to use a shade lighter than your natural colour to obtain a white skin. Also make it more matt than usual!

★ Point 2: The contouring must be perfect! By using contrast, your face will have a deep sculpture and liveliness! Highlighting and shadows must be light.

★ Point 3: Use a darker colour for your eyebrows! Don’t forget to lengthen them.

★ Point 4: Use a black eyeliner to highlight your eyes with a long line. Also use red, brown or pink eye shadow around the eyes to give your eyes a stronger look!

★ Point 5: Apply a light red lipstick to complete your sexy look!

What about fashion?

To perfect your makeup, don’t hesitate to wear clothes that will make you sexy, trendy and strong!

[Left] Jacket 12.000 yen, shorts 7.000 yen, transparent top 2.355 yen (Berschka Japan) / Earrings 500 yen (Claire’s Harajuku Ekimae Shop) / Boots 15. 990 yen (EVRIS Shinjuku Lumine East)

[Right] Blouse 6.300 yen, Tight knit skirt 2.599 yen, Earrings 12.000 yen (WEGO) / Short boots 11.990 yen (Baroque Japan Limited)

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