The parapara highlighted during Japanese quarantine !

In this difficult period due to the coronavirus, companies and influencers strongly encourage the Japanese to stay at home. In order to always remain active, the company AVEX had the brilliant idea of ​​posting on its Youtube channel every day videos of PARAPARA with STAY HOME & PARAPARA slogan.


Launched in 1970, PARAPARA (パラパラ) is a popular synchronized group dance in Japan, particularly popular among Gyaru. Each music has its own dance ! All musics are only dance with the arms, and you can also add tread from left to right with the legs. Some singers like the gyaru icon Ayumi Hamasaki, Takuya Kimura and even MICKEY also dance the parapara during their concerts and have their own music. If you want to try, I recommend the most famous and easiest dance to start with: “Night of Fire” by Hinoi Team.

This phenomenon was very popular in the 70-80-90 decades, and is certainly not dead before and during lockdown! Some Gyaru-Units and Gyaru magazine have always kept the parapara in their hearts and have continued to practice it, whether by inventing new choreographies or by modernizing the parapara in order to keep this movement alive.

Egg magazine’s parapara song

Since the first edition, the EGG models have always danced the parapara, produced DVDs, dance tutorials, etc. The new generation have also followed this movement by taking up the classics of their big sisters (by changing some choreographies and lyrics). They also have their own parapara entitled I WANNA DANCE which you can discover below:

Gal-Unit Black Diamond From 2000

This Ganguro Gal-unit performs concerts across Tokyo’s neighborhoods to promote the gal through music, a true idol group ! With already several singles to their assets, they have a lot of creativity and do not hesitate to show it on stage through their outfits, singing, dancing PARAPARA … Their first parapara single also had its own flashmob in France during the international event produced by the gal-unit Gyaransu in 2018. Discover their first single LUCKY DAY:

Rumi Itabashi (Ringo) EGG Ex-model

Before becoming a gal, Rumi was a yamamba (much harder style).

She is an ex-model from EGG and she also opened her hair and nail art salon Carry, as well as the clothing brand Ji-maxx; but she is also a parapara dancer ! Her style has changed a lot, but that doesn’t mean she stops to do what she likes! Often on stage in Tokyo during parapara meetings, she continues to exercise and also released her new parapara song recently, Precious Memories:

The parapara is ideal for working on arms / legs coordination, and it is also very funny to do with your friends ! Above all, you can respect the safety distances without problem! The Japanese lent themselves to the game during the confinement and they were able to revive the parapara.

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