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«Kyabajo» キ ャ バ 嬢 is a Japanese term that means «hostess/ bar girl». Beware it’s not like prostitution (they don’t have sex with their clients under penalty of being kicked out of the club), but this job is considered like similar. Their establishments, the HOSTESS CLUBS are named KYABAKURA. Mainly based in the Tokyo Kabukichō district, their holy grail would be to be transferred to GINZA for many reasons, it is an expensive neighborhood, better customers, better schedules, better pay! These girls have only one motivation: money. Living at night like clubbers! They have no social life outside of their work.

We can say that a Kyabajo is a Geisha of the 2000s, you choose your favorite girl and she will come to make conversation with you, and give you a lot of different expansives bottles (and not water !) ! And girl have sucess more she win money. They often love and wear luxurious brands so if you want to give a gift to them, it will be Chanel, Dior, Yves saint laurent…

Their favorite customers: foreigns people, even if it has the language barrier they will manage to make you spend astronomical sums thanks to their beauties and their kindness such as mermaids. The Hostess version Man also exists, we call them the Hosts that carry out their activities in the HOST-CLUB. So if you want to go there prepare your money bag and call your bank !

To explain and show their daily life, famous Kyabajo NUMBER 1 such as Emiri Aizawa, Enrike, Nonoka… by creating their own Youtube channel!



Aizawa Emiri is a Kyabajo since her 18 years, model, producer of the brand Emiria Wiz. Born in Kanagawa on September 1, 1988. She started by being hostess in her native prefecture and then moved to Tokyo in Shinjuku and will work for the Roppongi cabaret «EMMA». Then she will be transferred at the age of 20 to the «PROUDIA» in the hot district of Kabukicho, and at 22 to the «Gentleman’z Club«.

While continuing these professional activities, she will become model at the age of 23 for the famous magazine Gyaru «Koakuma Ageha» for an issue of November 2011. It will be the main model in 2012. Going from different club to club, years after years, she finished her Kyabajo career in the club « FOURTY FIVE 45« .

In 2013 she created a brand of Dress Tiara Mily. The American model Dakota Rose will be models for this one.
As a success she created a brand of clothing and accessories access on the «semi-luxury»  « Emiria Wiz«  in 2014 !!!


Eri Ogawa, (Her real name is Rie Hattori) nicknamed «Enrike» born on November 2, 1987, known as Kyabajo number one at Nagoya Earl’s Cafe in Aichi Prefecture. Working seven days a week for 13 years. Enrike became popular because of her unique and interesting character.

Her Instagram has more than 300,000 subscribers, and many fans from across the country come to meet her every day. November 30, 2019. During the four-day retreat ceremony, about 600 people visited the kyabakura and the club had a figure of 250 million yen.

When I was in high school, a senior asked me to work in a kybakura. When I was 22, I started working at Earl’s Cafe, and while I was working, I was attending a correspondence school called Aichi Prefectural Asahiryo High School.

 During her active career, she founded OGAWA Co., Ltd. and Enrike Space Co., Ltd., selling MINANINA and Cleanse Camp. Currently, she does beauty salons, hair removal salons, champagne kyabakura « Champagne Salon ENRIKE« A real business woman !


Nonoka Sakurai (桜 井 野 の 花), born on 8 April 1991 in Osaka Prefecture, kyabajo, model and business woman. She publicly states that she underwent plastic surgery and posted her post-plastic photos on  Instagram. She underwent more than a hundred plastic surgeries for a total of about 20 million yen since these 19 years, because of the tromatism of childhood where the children of primary school judged her on her physics. Since changing her appearance she finds that the world has become more «luminous».

She was number 1 in the first Kyabakura she experienced, and so decided to leave it in order to create her own club [N] in Kabukicho in 2017. In 2018 she was elected queen in the magazine gyaru Koakkuma Ageha thanks to the votes of the readers.

Since the end of 2018, she has also opened a Youtube Channel that also serves as advertising for her club «N», and also started these activities as Youtuber!!

A profitable job but difficult

In Japan if you are pretty, you have conversation and if you know how to drink, you can become a kyabajo. But unfortunately it is a very difficult job because they have obligation to drink with their customers that is to say a lot of alcohol in the evening so it is necessary to hold, and think men are all the same (they either have an evening relationship or not at all), they only think about money and steal their customers without thinking.

And above all they have to support customers (often salaried man, man who already have a wife…) with their stories. They are the “psychologists” of men who don’t share their thinking with their own wives.

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A job but also a lifestyle : Japanese NUMBER ONE Kyabajos expose their daily lives on youtube!