Japan is in mourning, the popular actor Miura Haruma died Saturday, July 18 at his home in Tokyo. His staff did not show up for work, which was not his usual practice, so they decided to go to his home. Unfortunately, even with the help of the emergency services, he died of his injuries.

Several speculations about the causes of his death began to emerge, some talk about cyber-harassment on SNS, others about the pressure he was putting on himself being a perfectionist, but also that he had been suffering from depression for the past four years. But nothing could be confirmed by his agency.

Discovery the actor with a thousand and one talents:

Haruma Miura was known from a young age of seven in various Japanese dramas and movies, but also in theatrical performances such as Kinky Boots.
He was able to play different roles and to naturally immerse himself in them, which made his characters much more natural and lively.

Known for his role of Hiroki Sakurai in the movie Koizora, taken from the novel of the same name, this film is the story of a young high school girl named Mika Tahara, who meets Hiroki Sakurai after losing her phone. At first exchanging ideas over the phone, they end up meeting at the high school swimming pool.

In the drama category, he can be found in Gokusen 3 and Bloody Monday 1 and 2 but also in Last Cinderella, the story of Toyama Sakura, a 39-year-old woman, director and assistant stylist of a hairdressing salon, who is afraid of love and not paying attention to her appearance and has not had a relationship for 10 years with anyone. One day looking in the mirror she discovered a nasty hair on her chin and decided to take care of herself. During a party she met a 24 year old man Saeki Hiroto, a BMX salesman who will help her to take charge of her life, but will also be supported by the manager of her show Tachibana Rintaro.

To continue in the movies we also found him in the roles of Tatsuya Mito in Crow Zero II as well as Eren Jaeger in the movie Attack of the Titans.

But also in From Me to You from the Manga of the same name (Kimi ni Todoke), a sentimental comedy with a school background, Kurunuma Sawako, a lonely, clumsy and introverted high school student who would like to make more friends, but has difficulties because of her nickname of Sadako due to her long bangs, make her suffer some rumours about so-called paranormal powers. On the other hand, Kazehaya Shota is the exact opposite of Sawako, he is an open, sociable high school student who easily attracts sympathy. One day Kazehaya decides to approach Sawako and turns the girl’s lonely life upside down.

Since August 2019 he had become a solo singer with his first single Fight for your Heart. His second single “Night Diver” will be released on August 26th postumly.

The TSS team sends its sincere condolences to Miura Haruma’s family, friends and fan community.

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