Kawanishi Miki, a Japanese beauty and cosmetics Youtube creator with more than 1M subscribers, nicknamed Mikipon by her fans, released a cosmetics collaboration with DHOLIC original cosmetics brand VAVI MELLO!

This collaboration has violet from pink graduation packaging with a space inspiration. Mikipon produced 5 different products that are helpful for everyday makeup.

The whole collaboration is available on our webshop Tokyo Street Style! ⬇️

4in1 Perfect Face Palette

If you have this practical item, your makeup will be perfect whatever your skin color! Highlighter ①, Powder ②, Cheek ③ and Shading ④ are included in one palette with a perfect brush to adapt the amount of makeup you want to put on your face.

2in1 Perfect Shading & Eyebrow Palette

A palette that you can use both for shading and for eyebrow!

The biggest brush has two useful sides: the biggest side will be useful for the contouring, and the smallest side for hide your baby hair and make the beginning of your hair thicker. The smallest brush also has two useful sides: the rounded side is useful to fill your eyebrows, and the linear side is useful to structure the form of your eyebrows.

In addition to shading and eyebrows, this palette can also be used for nose, eyebags, baby hair and collarbone contouring!

Sweet Plumper

With a glass holographic packaging! This plumber has a peach/cherry flavor and has a perfect soft squared tip to be applied perfectly and easily on lips!

Shiny Eye Palettes

Shiny Eye Palette Charm Brown

A palette that you can use every day! The first 2 shades are the same as the Honey Orange Palette, and all shades are sparkling!

Shiny Eye Palette Honey Orange

A palette that will be perfect for summer! The first 2 shades are the same as the Charm Brown, and all shades are sparkling!

Kawanishi Miki released a video on her Youtube channel to introduce every of the 5 items with makeup advice, check it out below! ⬇️

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