Seina is an exclusive EGG model, born March 18, 2002 in Kanagawa Prefecture. She married in December 2018 and gave birth to her first child, Rara, in March 2019. Although she is the mother of a child, she joined the exclusive models of EGG and has been talked about a lot.


While striving to raise her child and study, she attracts attention as the magazine’s first “Gal-Mama model”. She updated her blog on July 15, 2020 and announced the launch of the ” La-La ” .


“I like Gyaru clothes, but I also want to wear clothes for adult women sometimes” Girls want to wear different clothes depending on the mood of the day. We launched “La-La” in the hopes that everyone would be happy with the items. “

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『女の子らしい服が好き👧 でも大人の女性の服も着たい💄 ストリート系の気分のときもある🌙💭』  女の子ってその日の気分でいろんな お洋服を着たいものですよね😳✨  そんな聖菜の好みをギュッと詰め込んだアイテムで 皆さんにhappyな気持ちになってもらえたら と思い《La-La》を立ち上げました💄  聖菜にとって娘"蘭愛"はこれからもみんなに愛されて もっともっと大きく成長してほしい聖菜の夢であり希望であり宝物です。✨ だから皆さんが蘭愛を愛してくれるように "愛してもらえる"ブランドに育てていきたいという 想いを込めました…🎁❤️ )))  これから色んなジャンルのお洋服はもちろん、 聖菜はマタニティー中に着てみたいと思える服がなかなか無くてオシャレを諦めていた時期がありました。 今後要望があればいずれはこんな服があったらいいなと思ってもらえるマタニティー服とかも作っていきたいです✨👗✨  ギャル〜ママまで広い層に"愛される"お洋服や グッズをプロデュースしていきますので みなさん質問、ご意見、希望沢山 お待ちしております…💗✨💭 La-Laのロゴは明日お披露目します💭💗😳  これからLa_Laをよろしくお願いします💗🙏

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The name of the brand owes its name to the first child, Rara (Lala), who is currently 1 year and 3 months old. For her, her daughter “Rara” is a dream, a hope and a treasure for her to be loved by everyone and to grow even more. So I hope you like Rara!

“I want to create a brand that I can buy and wear at any time. “

“Also, as a position of having had a delivery, there was a time when I gave up on fashion because there weren’t a lot of clothes I wanted to wear for intermediate maternity clothes. I want to take care of maternity clothes, “she said.

You can order from the 2 August 2020 !

She would like to produce clothing that will be appreciated by a maximum of people as well as other Mama gyaru like her. The products will be available in preview by reservation on August 2, 2020 on the brand La-La Instagram.

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