Japanese dads to follow on Youtube

Discover today six Youtube channels with famous or normal Japanese dads who are presenting their daily lives and hobbies, alone or with their family, with their followers !

1. たぁちゃんネル/Taiyo Sugiura

Taiyo Sugiura is an actor and entertainer. He notably played in about fifteen television drama and a dozen films in the 2000s, including from 2001 to 2003 the hero of the smelly series Ultraman Cosmos and the three films based on it, derived from the popular Ultraman series.

He is now into cooking, hosting Go, Kitchen, Go!, a show on NHK World that focus on chefs traveling around Japan and creating meals based on local ingredients, as well as meeting the famers and locals who help make up that area. He also release a book まいにち! ベジごはん (Everyday! Veggie meals) with 82 vegetable recipes.

In 2007, Sugiura married Nozomi Tsuji, a former Morning Musume idol (graduated in 2004), and since an active media personality, singer, and blogger. The couple have four children: daughter Noa (born 2007) and sons Seia (born 2010), Sora (born 2013), and Koa (born 2018).

Despite being so busy, they never missed a beat taking care of their family.

Taiyo Sugiura opened his Youtube channel 1 month ago and is posting videos about his daily life with his 6-member family.

2. robot channelロボットチャンネル

This channel is a family one, although robot papa is the multi-tasks robot behind the channel!

The other family members are Wataru (10 years old) whose dream is to save up money and go abroad, his little brother Takeru (6 years old), whose dream is going abroad with his older brother and wants to be a Lego builder; and robot mama who hopes that Watatake siblings will learn and experience many things through their creative activities and does her best to support them in their dreams.

The origin of the name of robot channel is due to Wataru who loved robots when they decided on this channel.

Through their Youtube channel, the family is mainly playing game together!



KABU PAPA is a very relaxing channel ! KABU PAPA is mostly posting videos about climbing, trekking and camping. Occasionally, he uploads some stuff about equipment, travel, food and poodles.

It is a channel of outdoor play with videos with KABU MAMA, enjoy !


You probably already know this couple as they were presentented in our another article LGBTQ+ couples to follow !

The channel ふたりぱぱ or FUTARIPAPA, meaning two dads, starred a Swedish x Japanese couple, Ricka and Mittsun, with a little boy living in the north of Sweden, where their son was born. They share some loving moments of their life as a family as well as advice for gay couple who want to start a family.

Even if the family speak 3 languages (Japanese, English and Swedish), they mainly use Japanese and English in their videos and both subtitles are available.


Ryucheru is a Japanese celebrity, model, and singer, has been making waves in the Japanese entertainment industry for a few years now. Best known for his silly, curly-haired, bright color-wearing, headbanded persona in his early career, Ryuchell became hugely famous for his cute and beautiful androgynous looks!

Ryuchell married his girlfriend and fellow model, Okuhira Tetsuko (Peco), after two years of dating, and she just gave birth to their first child, a boy they named Link.

Since 2019, Ryuchell is sharing a lot of videos on his Youtube channel: makeup, fashion and daily life with his family!

6. Hiro Mizushima

You probably know this name if you are a fan of “old” Japanese dramas like Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ! Hiro Mizushima, a famous Japanese actor, married singer and songwriter Ayaka and they have 2 daughters!

He started his personal Youtube channel to have fun, and he launched his own YouTube cooking show, Hiro-Meshi: Japanese Home-Style Cooking. A perfect cooking father !

As he is fluent in both English and Japanese, all videos have English subtitles ! Enjoy !

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