After releasing gyaru, Larme books / photobooks, the beautiful model Tsubasa Masuwaka released a new book this year called “TSUBASA REAL”. Released on March 19, 2020.

A REAL business woman

Currently, Tsubasa, which has more than 1.8 million followers such as Instagram and Twitter, is said to have a saving of 10 billion yen as a charismatic girl, and she continues to hit the fashion world with products to successes such as false eyelashes and cosmetics (Dolly Wink, Candy Doll, Eat Me…).

She continues to be active as a product producer. She embodies the “new way of life for women in their thirties”. This book is an essay that cherishes the importance of Tsubasa’s lifestyle and is brimming with the latest Masuwaka fashion, makeup and cooking recipes that are popular on Instagram. In her book, she talks about “real” without covering her work, her life, her love and her relationships.

“I thought it would be embarrassing for someone who was not as funny as me to be in the entertainment world,” she thought, “I want my son to be a child who can survive if I die.” tomorrow. Tsubasa herself reveals her mother’s thoughts.

“With that in mind, fashion, makeup, cooking and relationships. I gathered a lot of things that worried, found and regretted. I wanted to share what I liked, so I hope this book will be liked by everyone. Let’s all be cute ! “

Tsubasa Masuwaka / Photo by Tomoya Nagatani


“Help us so that we can spread more! It would be great if you could write #TSUBASAREAL and post your thoughts on Instagram. It would be nice if I could know if you liked ☺️ If you add my tag, I would like to read it 💓! “

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