Gyaru magazine NUTS has finally announced the 3 new models on the magazine’s Youtube channel ! NUTS magazine has a sexy and adult style, a cool and mature makeup, focusing on the trends of young Japanese women.

Happie nut” was digitally re-launched on YouTube on April 1, 2020 after being suspended in April 2016. “Similar to the NUTS in Heisei, we chose to be an elder sister of the Reiwa era with the concept “a pretty girl already graduated””. Remember that in some traditional Japanese minds, a Gyaru has a bad reputation and is not considered intelligent. Nuts has therefore decided to show that its models go against Japanese prejudices.

At the end of April 2020, Natsune (Natsune Ito), a former member of CYBER JAPAN DANCERS, the famous group of gal dancers with beautiful bodies where she was for two years, was selected as an exclusive model for Gyaru magazine “Happie nut”.

Natsune / Natsune Ito profil

Nickname: Natsune
Real name: Natsune Ito
Date of birth: June 23, 2000
Origin: Tokyo
Size: 160cm
Blood group: type O
Hobbies: traveling abroad

Natsune selected as exclusive “Happie Nuts” model

Natsune reported on her Instagram that “NUTS” has been reissued and asked her to become an exclusive model! “ I’m still inexperienced in this environment and it will be a completely new work environment, but I’ll do my best so keep an eye on me ” she added.


Natsune won the Model Press Award at the “High School Girl Miss Con 2016-2017”, which determines “Japan’s cutest schoolgirl” at just 17 years old ! After her 18th birthday, she performed overwhelming performances in club stages around the world joining the popular Japanese dance team CYBER JAPAN DANCERS as NATSUNE and graduated in April 2020.

Angelica Imai (ANGE), ex popteen model, selected as exclusive “Happie Nuts” model

“I was very happy to hear that I could do the ‘Nuts’ model,” Ange said on Instagram. “So, I hope I can improve my potency and make my role as a role model even more exciting !!”

Ange appeared in “Popteen” magazine as a regular model. She also participated in the 11th edition of ABEMA’s romantic reality show 『今日、好きになりました。』 in 2018 and attracted attention.

Ange profile

Nickname: Angel
Date of birth: November 15, 2000
Origin: Kanagawa
Height: 161 cm
Blood group: type A
Hobbies: Shopping, listening to music
Special skill: makeup

MAAYA, his dream come true! Becoming a model at NUTS

“When I was told that I was going to be a model continuously at NUTS I cried and cried: I always said to myself that I wanted to be an exclusive model and face of NUTS. Well, I can die of joy. I think I was able to become an exclusive model thanks to the words of the fans, … I will do my best.”

She also said that when she was a high school student, she bought the old NUTS magazine every month. She has her own style and has been model for other brands before. We can’t wait to see her make her dream come true through the magazine!

Maaya profile

Nickname: Maaya
Full name: Maki Ishikawa
Date of birth: February 20, 1998
Height: 165cm
Place of birth: Iwate Prefecture
Hobbies: eating

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