Singer / author / composer you could find her in the Japanese show Nodojiman the world Autumn 2018. Passionate about fashion, especially the Gyaru style, she is the leader of the French gal-unit Gyaransu.

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The “Maison de FLEUR” brand developed by Stripe International has collaborated with the character “Korilakkuma” who appears with the popular character “Rilakkuma”, and limited items will be available from Thursday August 20, 2020.

Who is Rilakkuma ? Korilakkuma ?

(リラックマ, Rirakkuma) is a combination of two words: relax and bear in Japanese. Invented by designer Aki Kondo, this bear is part of a whole group of characters created by the Japanese company San-X. He is a character that is found a lot in Japan and is very popular. If you like kawaii things, you must have seen it at least once in various products already. Korilakkuma is a small, beige white bear resembling a child. He looks quite like Rilakkuma, but take off the zipper and change the color of her fur and ears. Also add this cute red button!


In addition to tote bags and pouches, there are 8 types of Korilakkuma bag charms. The Korilakkuma designed for this collaboration is a nice design with ribbons that are the icon of the Maison de Fleur on both ears ♡

A tote bag for a Kawaii gift set

A tote bag, which will make you think of a gift box! Korilakkuma and Maison de FLEUR are designed throughout the pink bag and in a glossy print giving a luxurious effect. A silky and soft product that you will need to go to your appointments!

A very light brown bag is also available, very elegant and practical, ready to be with you everywhere!

Charms for your bags!

Who has never liked the Japanese style straps/charms on its bags? Or even on its keychain? Japanese high school girls love to put it on their school bags, so Maison de fleur have released the Korilakkuma charms that you can use to decorate your outfits and bring a touch of kawaii to your daily life.

If you want this collection, hurry up because this new collection is unique and very limited!

- A word from our sposor -


Korilakkuma with a double ribbon ♡ The limited collaboration “Maison de FLEUR × Korilakkuma” is out!