Male influencers to follow

Today is a special article dedicated to our male readers (open of course to our female readers… 👀) : discover with Tokyo Street Style Japanese male beauty and fashion influencers to follow!


Of Korean origin and based in Japan, Gyutae is a model and makeup artist.

He opened his Youtube channel on which he posts videos dedicated to make-up.


Riki Matsui is a makeup artist, but also a nursing student. He makes us benefit from genderless makeup on his social networks and his YouTube channel.


A true otaku of K-pop and the Johnnys, he dedicates his social networks and YouTube channel to his two passions.

He is also MC on the radio show Haghtag Z on ABCRadio (available on Live Line) and writes articles about his vision of K-pop and Johnnys on the Suitswoman website, dedicated to active Japanese women.


Born in Korea and living in Japan since the age of 12, Hyuk is an influencer dedicated to Korea: K-pop, K-food, K-beauty, K-culture…

He is also a celebrity in the world of K-pop in Japan as he has been a dancer, model, event host, actor, journalist, etc. at various events in Tokyo. He has been MC for KCON JAPAN and has participated in special programs and commercials on Mnet Japan.

He also participated in PRODUCE 101 JAPAN, the Japanese version of the famous Korean show where trainees compete to be the final members of a group created especially after the show. He has finished 42nd.


Originally part of the Youtubers Sankoichi trio with Yuka Furukawa and Hori Eriku, three popular Harajuku style magazine models, he also launched his solo Youtube channel in parallel in 2018.

Focusing only on beauty and being genderless, he offers both female and male makeup, or both!


Youtuber specialized in hair beauty, he is very popular among young men in Japan!

He has created a channel especially in English with exactly the same videos as on his Japanese channel, so don’t hesitate to go see it and subscribe!


Ijichi is a new Youtuber specializing in male beauty.

Very inspiring for an everyday hairstyle or make-up!


Yuri is a professional hairdresser in Osaka!

He posts videos on his YouTube channel mainly about make-up, beauty and skincare for men, and useful information about beauty that only a beauty expert can provide!


Peey is a cross-dressing Japanese celebrity who also works at the WC clothing store in Takeshita Street in Harajuku.

At first he was rejected because the store was for women only, but after an interview he was hired and immediately started working there. He is nicknamed “The Mother of Harajuku” by his fans.

His appearance is characterized by a tinted mushroom cut and a flashy fashion based on bright colours. He shares on his YouTube channel and social networks moments from his life as a cross-dresser and moments with his friends.


Freelance make-up artist and model, he posts on his Instagram beautiful genderless make-up.

He opened his Youtube channel 3 months ago to help bring out the individuality of everyone through makeup and fashion, so don’t hesitate to support him!

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