“Strawberry Nose”: the new makeup trend from China is exported to Japan

Model Masuwaka Tsubasa updated her Instagram on July 27th by publishing a picture of her “strawberry nose” makeup (いちご鼻メイク/Ichigo Nose makeup) which is popular in China and South Korea. Fans greeted her with “wow” and “very cute”. She then posted a picture with the products used for her complexion and this new technique. She also took the opportunity to integrate her brands Candy Doll, Dolly wink… so that young Japanese women who are fans of these trends can reproduce her makeup.

Tsubasa Masuwaka: “I am interested in “strawberry nose” makeup in China since last year”.


It is a cute makeup method that makes the head of the nose look red by applying a little red eye shadow or blush on the tip of the nose or chin to improve the complexion, which is popular in China and South Korea. As the name suggests, strawberry nose makeup makes your nose slightly red like strawberries. In Japan, it is increasingly featured on Twitter recently!

Youtubers follow the movement​

Models, youtubers … also wanted to try this new trend by making tutorials on their Youtube channels:




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