Tokyo Girls Teen Summer 2020 Collection: A first live fashion show online!

The first TGC fashion show live online!

On August 2nd 2020, in order to ensure the safety of their public while continuing their activities, the famous Tokyo Girls Collection festival organized its 2020 summer collection fashion show through a live online transmission on their Youtube page and some social networks like Line Live. The “TGC teen 2020 Summer online” is organized for teenage girls of the Reiwa era, also called the “Reiwa teen” in Japan. WEGO, Babyshoop, Jammy, MIIA, My Pace, PIVOTDOOR, SPINNS… and other trendy brands were there! Find a preview of the parade through the photos below.

Many models, designers, celebrities from the land of the rising sun were also there! But of course in a small group… We saw on the orange carpet models from EGG, the Faky group, Zero Planet, Karen, Hina…

The event featured MC Korokoro’s comedy duo Chiki Chiki Peppers and Yurika Tachibana as MC, and the first winners was announced for Abema’s popular romantic reality TV show “Today I like you,” the stage collaboration “Takaichi Mr. Con” and “Takaichi Misscon”. Also, live performances were organized by popular artists on the main stage.

New brands presented their first collection

New brands took the opportunity to exhibit their first collection such as La-la, Jammy and La Mia Aria.


Seina, the model who went viral to be EGG Magazine’s first Gal Mama, presented her first La-La brand.

In a very cute style, clothes were tinted with pale pink, white and black. The young mother was able to show her potential as a model but also as the founder of the brand through this fashion show. We could also see that there weren’t just for young women and that part of the collection will certainly be unisex so that you can create duets with your loved one!

La Mia Aria

Amemiya Yuzuha, model at EGG, was also able to share the first collection of her brand La Mia Aria.

She was very happy to be doing this parade to show off her creations: “I’m so happy I decided which song to play and the stage was dyed with my own color!!!… This job I think it’s a dream job 💭 ”. She wore a sexy beige mesh dress with a clear neckline.


Young Jurichan (model at TEENS) is the founder of the new brand JAMMY, a brand whose logo is a purple butterfly that can be found on her creations. Arriving on the TGC stage with butterflies in his hair, Jurichan was able to show us her originality. In the collection, clothes for men will also be available.

Trio Youtuber Crazy Magnet was here !

Air has also been a model and actress for her exceptional style and features. UraN is active as an exclusive model for “la farfa” magazine, and Mei Asami has appeared on the romantic reality show “The Battle of Winter!” ~ Study and Love is the Last Spurt ~ ”, and each is also individually active. In addition, the fashion and unique hairstyles of the three people are also considered “trendy” and “cute”. Their high fashion sense is one of the reasons why it is popular among girls of the same generation.

エア、UraN、浅見めい by modelpress

A successful TGC TEEN SUMMER 2020 Online!

The show was able to fully experience teenage fashion in Japan, centered around artists who have a big influence on teens on SNS and YouTube. This is the first online event hosted by TGC teen, and this time a no-spectator fashion show, showing this summer’s trends, and participatory content where artists and viewers can interact online. While enjoying being online and connecting with teens all over Japan (and even around the world, as the fashion show was broadcast on their Youtube TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION). The live video has been removed but don’t worry the videos from each show will be available on the youtube channel soon.

In the meantime here is a small part of the Fashion Show, produced by Modelpress:

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