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Rady, a fashion brand

Rady is a Japanese brand created in 2008 by the model and influencer Shizuka Muto (武藤静香) who started her model activities in Gyaru magazines EGG and Ranzuki. At only 19, she became an exclusive model for Koakkuma Ageha and quit in 2013. She is very popular with young girls of the Gyaru style. Rady brand’s motto is: “For you who want to become lovely“. Rady also has a little mascot representing her very “kawaii” designer.

An official RADY store is available at Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku. You can find bedding, decorations, accessories, rugs and even curtains to personalize your bedroom, living room, kitchen and even your car! Accessories, towels for your bathroom, clothing, shoes, soft toys, and even goodies in collaboration with characters from Sanrio are available. You will be able to transform your home as well as your daily life with Rady! There are as many girly models with flowers as quite soft and elegant collections such as the “HOTEL” collection.

This brand is really popular with fashionable Japanese women. Rady also relies on many collaborations with Japanese celebrities such as models from EGG, Tomomi Itano (ex-AKB48), Yukipoyo (Japanese bachelor). Even if prices are quite high, you can always find what you are looking for.

Who is Yuya Tegoshi ?

Tegoshi Yuya, born on November 11th, 1987 (32 years old), was a member of the famous Johnny’s Entertainment agency (Kat-Tun, Arashi …). He was a member of the group NEWS which debuted in 2003 and Tegomass, a special unit formed during the temporary separation of NEWS.

He left the Japanese group NEWS on June 19th, 2020 in order to move into a solo career, and has been appointed special men’s model for clothing brand “Rady”.

“I thought it was a good time to leave after the ‘STORY’ tour that all four of us would have done. Me, Yuya Tegoshi, 32, wanted to take a step forward and come under new challenges on my own, without being assisted. I am just a man with dreams.”

Campaigns full of gifts!

Various campaigns have taken place to announce the selection of Tegoshi.

  • For the beginning, he will appear in the brand’s Fall/Winter 2020 catalog. This catalog has no purchase price and all product buyers will receive a catalog (*ends as soon as the campaign is over).
  • The second campaign is “New from the original poster”. A gift with Tegoshi’s poster will be given to all buyers on a first customers, first served basis.
  • In the 3rd campaign called “Signed product present with autograph”, the autograph is given with the product actually worn during the shooting of Tegoshi. The lottery method is limited to official LINE registrants of the brand.

Additionally, on the brand’s official Instagram, product presentation videos with comments from Tegoshi will be posted at all times. New products and campaign contents will be broadcast on various websites and SNS. More information will be on Tegoshi’s YouTube channel.

A special gift for the fans:

Small gift for girls’ eyes because Rady also makes a collection of men’s underwear:

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Former NEWS member Yuya Tegoshi selected as new “RADY” men model