Hello Kitty partners with the artist Colleen Wilcox for an exclusive Summer collection!

Who is Colleen Wilcox ?

Colleen Malia Wilcox is an artist based in Honolulu, Hawaii. She creates acrylic on canvas paintings inspired by life in the islands and nature’s beauty. She enjoys spending time outdoors surfing, swimming, and exploring landscapes filled with tropical plants and flowers.

Colleen uses elements of design observed in nature by incorporating vibrant colors, organic shapes and bold lines to create energy and movement. Her artwork features realistic subjects that she stylizes with a whimsical twist. She hopes to inspire feelings of wonder and happiness in those who resonate with her work. 

You can find in Japan galleries in her name or products / merchandising with these works in shops whether in Okinawa, Yokohama… She has also written an article during her visit to Yokohama for her gallery on her blog.

An UNEXPECTED collaboration with SANRIO!

This year to announce the new summer collection, she decided to collaborate with the favorite Japanese mascot from Sanrio, Hello Kitty!

Find Hello Kitty ready to brighten up your summer 2020 with exclusive goodies! Colleen’s collections are very much loved by Gyaru-style girls and this collection may be going fast thanks to the new design the artist brought to Hello Kitty. Live from the islands, she is tanned, she surfs, and she is cool! Hello Kitty takes full advantage of the beach and will accompany you during your vacation or in your daily life!

A bag, toiletry bags, card holder (really practical for transport), unique stickers, mirror that can easily be slipped into your bag thanks to its rectangular and thin shape, face towel… This collaboration will appeal not only to Gyaru but also to all Sanrio fans!

Two different Design are represented with Hello Kitty:


・ Hemp combo pouch ・ Pass case ・ Hemp fringed mini tote ・ Stickers (2 types in total)


・ 2-piece pouch ・ Folding mirror ・ Stickers (2 types in total) ・ Hand towel ・ Motel key ring

Express the beauty of Hawaii with a colorful and lively design, by finding all Colleen Wilcox X Hello Kitty goodies exclusively in Tokyo Street Style Shop !

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