NMB48’s Yoshida Akari announces graduation to focus on fashion and beauty brand B IDOL

Yoshida Akari is a member of NMB48’s Team N 1st generation since 2010. She announced her graduation very recently during her YouTube broadcast ‘Akarin no Heya’ (Akarin’s room) on her 24th birthday, August 16.

Akarin is probably the most famous idol who decided to become a YouTuber. Her decision to start YouTube in 2016 has gotten her a lot of new fans and made her popularity within the group increase considerably. She was also an inspiration for a lot of other idols to start YouTube.

Akarin is an active beauty YouTuber, she released her beauty book IDOL MAKE BIBLE @ Akarin series, and she also develop her beauty product brand B IDOL.     

Yoshida expressed, “NMB48 was my entire youth that taught me many important things about life. I love NMB48. I am actually very sad to leave this place where I was able to give it my all everyday preoccupied with the group, and with the members that I love close to me, and wonderful staff and fans at my side. But from now on, I will take a step forward so that people will recognize me as an admired woman, not as an idol. What I can do for NMB48 is limited, but with the time that I have left, I will do whatever I can for NMB48 until the very end, and let my juniors know that NMB48 is a place where you can take a step towards your dreams.

Her graduation concert will be hold on the last day of 2-day concerts starting with NMB48 10th Anniversary on 10/23, and NMB48 Next Generation concert & Yoshida Akari Graduation Concert on 10/24.

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