Singer / author / composer you could find her in the Japanese show Nodojiman the world Autumn 2018. Passionate about fashion, especially the Gyaru style, she is the leader of the French gal-unit Gyaransu.

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As you read in our previous post on the creation of the company Larme as well as the reissue of Larme Magazine. The magazine reissue also includes new models and already 3 of them have been selected!

The selection was made during the “LARME” Regular Model Audition organized by LINE LIVE where viewers could vote live to elect the 3 new “LARME OFFICIAL GIRL”.

Mi☆nA (Miho Amane) won the grand prize sponsored by LINE LIVE and was therefore selected to be a regular model in the new reissue of LARME magazine.

Reaction of Miho Amane, new regular model “LARME”.

Amane, made her dream come true in Line live and said:

“Thank you very much! There were days when I felt I was going to be disappointed, but I got there with the power of all viewers. I was able to do it. Now I want to be one. models that can convey the kawaii of LARME. I was able to introduce a lot of people through the LINE LIVE broadcast. I want to keep this connection forever. “

Two more new models announced for the magazine reissue

Amane won the Grand Prize based on the number of incentive points received from viewers. Moe Ishida was selected for 2nd place, and Haruka Kamayama was selected for 3rd place.


Haruka Kamiyama, captain of Team K of the AKB48, was ranked 3rd in the “LARME” Regular Model Audition!

Editor Nakagori congratulates the winners

Editor Nakagori congratulated the 3 lucky winners and said on social media that she can’t wait to see them on set!

“The communication time with all the participants was very important and I really appreciated it. To be honest, I want everyone to show up on LARME. I think everyone won. But I can’t do this. “

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Reissue of the magazine Larme: 3 new models announced, including an AKB48 in the cast!