Popular YouTuber Yun from VAMYUN released a hand gel collection !

Direct Tech has produced the alcohol-containing moisturizing hand gel “Liypaint” under the supervision of multi-talented Yun, who has gained popularity in the male and female duo YouTuber “Vamyun”. Three types of scent sets,Sakura Easel“, “Cheer Palette” and “Thé Vert Ink are available.

Yun is active as a male and female duo YouTuber “Vamyun” with more than 2.2 million subscribers. Recently, she has expanded her field of activity not only to YouTube but also to variety shows and TV commercials, and has gained support from a wide range of people, especially Gen Z. Yun supervised the creation of a hand gel collection that is cute at any time and can be easily refreshed anywhere so that girls can easily carry it around. This “Liypaint” is born ♡

Yun to conquer the cosmetic world !

“Liypaint” combines the word “life” and “paint” with “Y” for Yun in the middle. The concept was to create a hand gel that is cute and in a convenient form factor allowing you to refresh yourself anywhere. Women can easily carry it with them and add a little color to their life.” At 30 ml (1 fl oz), it’s the perfect size to fit in a pouch or purse.

“Sakura Easel” & “Cheer Palette” & “Thé Vert Ink”: 3 types of scent set

All types contain 50 vol% alcohol and glycerin. In addition, nano-collagen, nano-hyaluronic acid, and vitamins are blended for each type, making it perfect for girls who are cute, gentle on the skin, and yet want to maintain a sense of cleanliness.

Sakura Easelcontains nano-collagen in a faint cherry blossom scent. Recommended for days when you want to create a girl with a fluffy scent of cherry blossoms!

The Thé Vert Ink contains plenty of moisturizing ingredients in the scent of green tea. Because it has a refreshing scent, it can be used in formal occasions such as work and part-time work ☆

Vitamin and honey are added to the scent of grapefruit in the Cheer Palette one. It has a fresh scent, so it’s perfect for spending time with friends.

A soft and a cute packaging

Yun added the following reasons to purchase her collection:

✦ A cute package design that makes you want to show it to everyone around you and makes you feel better every time you take it out of your bag.

✦ The gel itself is as cute as the package.

✦ Although it is a hand gel containing alcohol, it is not as strong as perfume so that a good scent will remain for a long time, and it should have an elegant scent that scents softly when passing each other like a fabric softener.

✦ It is easy to carry and to be put in a pouch. Alcohol is well contained, and is moisturized so that it does not dry out.

✦ Calculate cuteness is developed into these 3 colors. A set of three is also available, with a design that makes girls intuitively feel cute.

“In this way, I am supervising a hand gel that is cute anytime and can be easily refreshed anywhere so that girls can easily carry it around! I’ve been working on this with love while thinking about the feelings of girls, so I hope everyone can get it! ♪”

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