A pretty and compact highlighter powder “Kirby and the Shiny Powder Distortion Star” has just been released!

On the official commercial website of Bandai Premium, Kirby and Warp Star Shiny Powder, a compact highlighter with Kirby on a star appeared recently !

An adorable compact powder!

Find our favorite little pink ball on its star! It’s an adorable packaging including a compact powder and a mirror.

The gold-plated warp star’s surface is decorated with fine stars for a luxurious and compact design. There is a star pattern around the mirror and on the side of the powder, and the mood at the time of makeup rises ♪ Beware of Kirby’s cute pose and the cute expression it has on it!

Colorful inside with a nice drawing!

When you open the lid, the powdery part has a cloud and kirby design. It’s a nice shiny powder that doesn’t want to be wasted!

When two colors of pink and blue kirby are taken with a brush, place the powder on the high position of the cheekbones and the head of the nose. A three-dimensional effect is born on the face, and a feeling of shine is given to the skin.

You can add highlights under the blush with Kirby pink, or put blue to create a sense of transparency on your skin. The product fits perfectly in your hand, so you can make up or do touch-ups at any time of the day!

A decorative, original and practical item in your handbag!

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