Larme teams up with Rady designer Shizuka Muto for exclusive collections!

We had already introduced you to the Rady brand (a famous Japanese brand of the Gyaru style) made by Shizuka Muto, and we also introduced you to the new company Larme. Shizuka Muto decided to be in the age of time and make a nice collaboration with Larme!

Shizuka Muto tried Larme style

@mutoshizuka0204 (Instagram):

“Our company’s new brand ㊗️🎉
I made pictures for the brand Larme 😆
I don’t know the details, but I think it’s soft and bruised, and there are clothes that girls seem to like😆
The first seems to be kuromi-chan collaboration! I tried to take a picture of something evil😈💓💓

A collaboration with Kuromiya Rei for the collection with Kuromi from Sanrio also available!

Reishi Kuromiya (November 29, 2000) is a Japanese idol, singer, musician and former junior idol. Born in Saitama Prefecture. She was part of the LADYBABY (Song) (2015 – 2017) and now a member since 2011 of BRATS!

A pretty dress and other products are available in collaboration with the little character from Sanrio: Kuromi.

Larme’s fans and Sanrio will be delighted!

Larme models in collaboration with the Gyaru RADY brand!

The Gyaru and the Larme are two very different styles, but some Gyaru launches into the Tear style growing up (example: Tsubasa Masuwaka with his brand EATME).

Yui Kanno (formerLy Gyaru from Popteen) / Hina Kagei larme models wear the clothes of Rady designer Shizuka Muto.

Yui Kanno, former model of Popteen/Popsister… now at Larme

Yui Kanno is known as a girly model, but when she belonged to Popteen/Popsister…, you can see from the images that it was makeup and fashion, with a completely different atmosphere than today. Popteen is a gal magazine, so Yui Kanno, who appeared there, also features dark makeup and gal fashion images.

Switching from the gal system to the girly Larme system

Popsister was discontinued, and Yui Kanno, who had been a gyaru until then, made a makeover. “I started to stop doing the thick makeup of the gal system and change to the girly look. Gal fashion has a strong impression on women, especially teenage girls, “so Yui Kanno, in her twenties, changed her style and makeup which for her corresponds better to her age.

The Larme x Rady collaboration fits her perfectly!

The TikToker and model of Tears: Hina Kagei

Hina Kagei (born February 19, 1999) is a Japanese actress. Born in Kumamoto Prefecture. She is TikTokeuse and a model at Larme!

She began posting on TikTok in March 2019. In the first 10 days, the company had more than 100,000 subscribers and 1.6 million as of April 3, 2020. Shortly after the start, it was spotted by horipro Digital Entertainment, where it currently owns, and won the Grand Prix at the HoriPro Digital Entertainment 2019 HYOGEN Audition.

A mix of styles in perfect harmony!

Model at Larme, she also participates in the Larme x Rady collaboration by showcasing the Girly effect of the Gyaru brand, so the Larme models show that no matter your style you can adapt it with Rady!

Find all the collections on the official RADY website

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