Singer Koda Kumi launches her anti-ageing cosmetics line: ‘HEMMY K.’

After launching false eyelashes, contact lenses, body cream, softener for your laundry as well as other goods… Singer Koda Kumi has launched her own anti-ageing cosmetics line called ‘HEMMY K.’

First two products for HEMMY K.

After two years of research, two products with a simple and uncluttered packaging of a green water color are out for her new collection “HEMMY K.” available since December 6, 2020!

Tips from Koda Kumi

“Kumi Koda skin care brand “HEMMY K” has been launched! I woke up to see in the mirror that I’m getting older,
Begging me to go against my age,
HEMMY K. was created to make basic cosmetics!! Ahah
The development period is about 2 years. I was singing during that time and couldn’t wait to tell you as soon as possible!
The new “Hydrating Cream” and “Restock Mask” products contain many whitening ingredients with maximum EPF ingredients anyway!! I’ll write some usage tips! ↓

Please put a lot of lotion from everyday use! I’m going to hit 、、、 seven times. 2. Why are there so many moisturizing ingredients, anyway, apply it to your face, wrap your face with both hands at the end, warm it up, and put it in. The appearance of “Hydrating Cream” and “Resupply Mask” here
When applying a mask (Restock mask), please apply cream (hydrating cream) until the face is not bechobecho! This is a pack-like image to paint, but from the top, please coat your face to fill pores! 4. Look in the mirror at the ❤️
Thank you again today❤️ we’re ❤️ going to be beautiful❤️”

A moisturizer

A facial moisturizer made from oligopeptide and niacinamide, with a ‘wet touch’ effect. As the product is watery and contains an oil, this allows the water to remain on the surface of the skin and the oil keeps it on the surface, as a “hydrating veil” and thus avoids dry skin.
。 Content: 50g

A regenerating mask

A hyaluronic acid-regenerating mask that will protect the skin and keep it hydrated. (without rinsing)
Designed for the face as well as for the body and especially areas of dry skin, it moisturizes and promises softer and smoother skin.
。 Content: 90g


Beware these products are composed of controversial products such as cyclopentiloxane, phenoxyethanol and dimeticone. We all have a different skin types so getting that goes on one skin doesn’t go on another!

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