The popular TikToker Hina Kagei released her first book of Self-Make Routine!

Popular creative actress Hina Kagei has published her first style book, “Kageto Hinataki Kana 1st Style Book” on December 10th, 2020!

All about Hina Kagei published in a style book

Hina Kagei has the largest number of TikTok followers in Japan. At the age of 21, she was able to create a book that takes us into “Kana World”, with a creator who continues to make video content every day that “can be laughed and enjoyed” and that entertains everyone.

The magazine also introduces a fashion that shines with the unique meaning of Hina Kagei, which becomes a topical topic every time she posts on Instagram or Twitter.

In addition, makeup, skin care, body makeup, etc are also released at once. Now that she runs until 2020 as a model, actress and designer, as well as her success on the SNS, she also reveals her true feelings.

In addition, TikTok, 1Day routine, and his work are also open to the public, and this is a book that condenses Hina Kagei today.

Hina Kagei’s profile

Her TikTok was launched in March 2019, and reached 100,000 followers in just 10 days; then reached 1 million followers in Japan in just 9 months. She has performed on stage, is a regular model of “LARME” magazine, and is a founding member of the official influencer of the Tokyo Girls Collection.

She is currently expanding her range of activities as a model, actress and talent, such as challenging her first MC activity on TBS “Cover Girl TV Next”.

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