Bandai Apparel Division developed the first collection “ANNA SUI meets Demon Slayer” with TV anime “Demon Slayer” as a joint project with fashion brand “ANNA SUI”.

This time, featuring the main heroine Kamado Nezuko and the butterfly sisters, Kocho Kanae, Kocho Shinobu and Tsuyuri Kanao, a collection of special designs that fuses the world of “Demon Slayer” with the world of “ANNA SUI” was born! You will find a design that combines the pattern of a kimono and a rose of Kamado Nezuko, and a design that depicts the hair ornaments of the butterfly sisters’ in an ANNA SUI-like way ♡

Kamado Nezuko’s design

Demon slayer × ANNA SUI Microfiber Handkerchief / 1,100 yen (tax included)

With this pretty rose design, this is a convenient item that uses microfiber yarn on both the front and back, and not only wipes hands, but also wipes the lenses of smartphones and glasses.

There is also a series of bags that allow you to easily match the elegant clothes of the collection. You can wear it on your arm or on your shoulder, it is also a nice highlight. The charms created especially for this collaboration are designed to last ♡.

The bags use the motif of hemp leaves extracted from the pattern of a kimono. By using transparent resin, it becomes a gorgeous design with depth.

Demon slayer × ANNA SUI Kashkour Apron / 11,000 yen (tax included)

A one-piece apron inspired by Nezuko’s kimono is also available! Decorated with a popular rose motif, it has a cute and gorgeous design. Two colors are available: pink and black/purple.

Demon slayer × ANNA SUI Umbrella / 5,500 yen (tax included)

This umbrella also incorporates the pattern of the kimono and the leaf pattern of hemp into the rose of the icon of Anna sui.

Demon slayer × ANNA SUI T-shirt / 5,830 yen (tax included)

The pink pattern on this T-shirt’s logo is also inspired the kimono of Nezuko, and the check pattern is inspired by the logo of Ana Sui. The hair ornament of Nezuko on the logo is a point! It’s a cotton T-shirt to dress casually.

Demon slayer × ANNA SUI Socks Ankle Length / 2,750 yen (tax included)

Finally to complete your Nezuko’s inspired look, you can find those socks that were made by putting a hemp leaf pattern on the whole socks, and a check pattern in the toe part.

Butterfly Sisters’ design

Demon slayer × ANNA SUI Necklace Butterfly Sister / 14,300 yen (tax included)

A distinctive butterfly shape necklace with long lower wings inspired by the butterfly hair ornaments of the Butterfly Sisters Kocho Kanae, Kocho Shinobu and Tsuyuri Kanao, along with ANNA SUIT gothic elements such as scallops with feather edges and gentle curves is available. It was made with the technique of seeing through the color part (popular in ANNA SUI products), like stained glass that expresses the transparency and lightness of the wings of butterflies.

Demon slayer × ANNA SUI Bi-fold Wallet / 19,800 yen (tax included)

This leather wallet with an original design is embossed with the image of a butterfly kimono pattern.

Demon slayer × ANNA SUI Pouch / 3,300 yen (tax included)

This butterfly pouch was inspired by the hair ornaments of the Butterfly Sisters. The color of the design is different on the front and back sides, and it is a specification that can be enjoyed on both sides.

Demon slayer × ANNA SUI Cap Butterfly Sister / 5,500 yen (tax included)

The embroidered brooch on this cap gives the impression of wearing a hair ornament like the butterfly sisters ! The embroidered brooch is removable ♡

Demon slayer × ANNA SUI tights / 2,640 yen (tax included)

Finally to complete your look and become an Insect Hashira, you can wear this one-point tights designed to combine butterflies inspired by the Butterfly Sisters with elegant curves like ANNA SUI. This beautiful pattern is only on the left ankle with Swarovski® crystal.

Anna SUI children’s clothing

From the left of the image, the Demon slayer × ANNA SUI mini trainer / 11,880 yen (tax included), the Demon slayer × ANNA SUI mini shush / 4,180 yen (tax included), the Demon slayer × ANNA SUI mini Hair Pony / 2,750 yen (tax included), Demon slayer × ANNA SUI mini One Piece / 16,280 yen (tax included), Demon slayer × ANNA SUI mini Moving Pocket / 6, 050 yen (tax included), Demon slayer × ANNA SUI mini socks / 2,750 yen (tax included)

This collection also includes “ANNA SUI mini” with cute items that children will like, such as kids’ wear and moving pockets that can be conveniently carried around such as handkerchiefs and tissues.

Let’s enjoy bags and accessories with butterfly and rose motifs along with the movie that is being released as a big hit ♪

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