At the center of a controversy, Gackt, Roland & Mon Ryo cancel their collaboration with Dazzy!

DAZZY, a clothing brand for teens and young adults, has launched the project “G&R” by both “first-class artist” GACKT, a very active artist, and “emperor of the host world” ROLAND, also known as a businessman. A conference was held in Tokyo on December 16th to unveil the overall picture of the project.

A promising collaboration!

“G&R,” named after the initials of the two initiators, began when GACKT approached ROLAND and asked him: “Do you want to create a brand to make women “first class”?”

In addition, GACKT said: “She is the only woman of first class” while presenting Mon Ryo (a former kyabajo-turned-youtuber).

“At first, we produced dresses and lingerie that we designed to lead to top women. To empower the world, Ryo has made colorful dresses and lingerie in a price range that many people could easily find.

A much-anticipated press conference!

The announcement conference began 40 minutes later than scheduled. The press, which began to be frustrated, calmed down under the aura of both celebrities when the meeting began. “I thought it would be exciting for the world today, so I decided to announce it [the collaboration] at that time,” said GACKT.

“I think that dresses and lingerie are not only a matter of fascinate others, but also of giving yourself courage. I want all women who want to trust themselves to wear them and become aware of their new personality” he explained.

A love at first sight of friendship

Asked about their encounter Gackt said: “I’m glad I met such a wonderful person, regardless of age. When I first met ROLAND, I thought he was the most interesting person. It made me smile from start to the end. From this day on, I feel him as a little brother.”

Mon Ryo also appeared in the second half of the conference. When asked, “How can we work with self-confidence?”, Roland said “It’s important to do that. There is only one daily effort. There is no shortcut to working hard. Be confident. It takes effort.

“Add a smile, add words, etc. This kind of accumulation affects the other person. When he comes back, you’ll be confident.(GACKT)

“I think it’s good to make people look confident even if they’re not. Isn’t it normal to live with courage?” (Mon Ryo).

Tips for being number one!

When asked, “Do you compare yourself to others?”, Roland answered: “There’s no choice but to be the best. If you compare it to a marathon, you can only see the others after the second. The only way to do that is to be number one, to think about what you can do to move forward.”

“There is something you can see because you are number one. When you work hard and get there, you really do compliment yourself.” (GACKT)

“It’s nice to have someone to compare. If you want to be better than that person, I think it’s good to compare with confidence.” (Mon Ryo)

A project that turned into a problem

DAZZY, right after the conference, admitted the alleged imitation of products on SNS on December 19th and stopped selling the products. The sale of those products will be discontinued, the products will be recovered and the buyer will be refunded.

A scandal that breaks out!

According to Dazzy’s announcement, Gackt, Roland and Mon Ryo communicated the concept and design direction to the company’s design team which manufactured products; but one of the designers in charge of the dresses got “stuck” with the design and ended up designing almost the same design as existing products.

A serious fault for the brand

Gackt, Roland and Mon Ryo since posted an apology on their respective SNS.

Uncomfortable team in front of the controversy

Gackt recently posted on his instagram:

“We will cancel project G&R right away.
On the future direction,
We will report back after the consultation with Dazzy.
I’m really sorry
by the fact that we couldn’t meet everyone’s expectations as the face of G&R.
I’ll talk about my feelings on youtube.”

Mon Ryo apologized on Youtube

“In G&R, as a former Kyabajo, I, Ryo Kadoka, was the director and produced dresses and lingerie. It became a hot topic on social media that part of the dress was very similar to the design of foreign brands, and when an internal investigation was conducted. One of the design teams in charge of the dress proposed a design that seems to be almost the same as the existing product.”

Roland cancelled his contract and apologized

In response to the controversy, ROLAND announced that he cancelled its contract with Dazzy. He apologized on Twitter:

“We are pleased to announce that we have cancelled the contract with G&R. We apologize to all we made uncomfortable. I feel responsible and I deeply regret it. Those who support me, and especially those who bought it. I’m really sorry this time.”

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