The brand “Candy Doll” has released some new products !

Tsubasa Masuwaka’s new “CandyDoll” cosmetics “Color Liquid (3 colors),” “Glossy Liquid (1 color)” and “Shadow Liquid (1 color)” are now available! The liquid texture and color is very simple to apply to the finger and convenient to carry with its small size.

《Candy Doll》 A new series of liquid cosmetics are available!

CandyDoll Color Liquid/Brilliant Liquid/Shadow Liquid

“Color Liquid”, “Glossy Liquid”, and “Shadow Liquid” are three collections of liquid makeup. Each of the shades has a calculated texture, making it easy for anyone to handle!

The “Color Liquid” will allow you to give color to your face ! It is a kind of liquid blush that exists in 3 different colors, allowing you to bring relief to your complexion.

The “Glossy Liquid” will give you a shiny complexion. It is a transparent liquid highlighter and slightly glittery.

Finally, the “Shadow Liquid” is a slightly mumbled colored tube that will allow you to achieve your contouring easily!

Color Liquid (#血色感リキッド)

“Color Liquid” adopts a texture that is special on the mixing balance of raw materials so that it blends into the skin without inequality.
It is easy to apply with finger and has a long hold on the cheeks.

01 Rose
02 Berries
03 Moca

All colors are mixed to give a sense of transparency.
While taking full use of the transparency of the basic makeup, it achieves more tone and transparency, making the skin brighter and smoother.

Glossy liquid (#理想肌リキッド)

“Glossy Liquid” is the perfect highlighter for a shiny complexion!
(1) Fine pearl shard that diffuses light and covers the pores of the skin.
(2) Luxurious moisturizing and moist sensation creates a feeling of moisture with a sense of transparency as after skin care.
With the two sweets above, it creates the skin as if the bare skin itself is beautiful.

The texture is designed to add a sense of transparency while removing stiffness and basic makeup.
In addition, the product is particular on the finesse of fine beads so that it can reproduce the feeling of ease of use to match with any makeup and the feeling of beauty that does not fit into the skin and does not come out white.


Shadow Liquid (#理想顔シャドウ)

“Shadow Liquid” has a particular color. The intensity of its color can help you create shadows (also called contouring) on your face to lengthen your features.
Pleasant on the skin, even a shading beginner can easily achieve the ideal shade and keep its finish. In addition, the calculated texture adheres firmly to the skin and is easy to apply with the finger!


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