Studio Alice will begin accepting reservations for the 2022 and 2023 coming-of-age furisode rentals, inspired by Disney characters, on Friday, January 15, 2021. Disney design furisode 20 kinds with the motif of the popular Disney character are newly lineuped in the coming-of-age ceremony furisode rental “Furiho” with a flat price of 99,800 yen (Without taxes).

“~Always be yourself~Always be like you”

The theme is “~Always be yourself~Always be like you”. In the milestone year of welcoming new adults, we developed with the hope that we will face our dreams step by step and go straight in the many wonderful encounters we will meet in the future. Taking advantage of the individuality of each Disney character, it is finished in a design suitable for playfulness and celebration of everyone of new adults

You can also enjoy link coordinates with friends! Furiho Disney Design Furisode

Image from left, Minnie Mouse design, Daisy duck design

“Minnie Mouse Design” is an eye-attracting one featuring “flowers” on the “large ribbon” and “dots” that are characteristic of Minnie Mouse. With a bold pattern and black color, it is not only cute but also cool like an adult. If you wear a big ribbon with a W-up hairstyle, you can enjoy total coordination ☆

“Daisy Duck Design” features daisy duck colors like adults, and the patterns are large with daisy-symbolizing flowers such as daisy and ribbon. Inspired by the fashionable and adorable Daisy Duck, it’s perfect for a glamorous sunny day!

From left to right, Bell Design, Jasmine Design

“Belle Design” is a design inspired by the iconic dance hall in the story of “Beauty and the Beast”. The chandelier in the center of the dance hall is gorgeously drawn, and the night sky seen from the window is expressed in color. The drape designed on the yellow dress worn by Belle in the dance scene is also casually taken into the pattern, elegant furisode.

“Jasmine Design” is the emerald green of the dress worn by Jasmine. Elegant furisode with a well-balanced carpet and kujak feathers. The design reminiscent of a magic carpet with Aladdin gives you a dream.

From left to right, Kuruela Design, Maleficient Design

“Cruela design” is a cool impression furisode with a monotone accented with red, inspired by the dress worn by Cruela. She boldly paints Dalmatian patterns and enjoys fashionable and adult clothes like Cruela.

“Maleficient Design” is a furisode inspired by a bewitching maleficent composed of magic flames and large floral patterns. The yarn cars in the story and diablo, Maleficent’s henchman, are shining, and the story is faithfully reproduced in every ♪

Celebrating an important anniversary with Disney characters ☆ Furiho Disney Design Furisode

Marie Design

Furisode depicts the cityscape of Paris, the setting of the story of “Fashionable Cat”. It’s a dignified and glamorous design reminiscent of Marie’s Parisienne. It gives a cute and feminine impression♡

Cinderella Design

The image of the magic sparkle dancing in the night sky of the scene where Cinderella is magical. It is drawn so that small flowers flow. The castle in the story, the clock that tells 12 o’clock, and the glass shoes are also expressed in silhouette, and there is a pumpkin carriage in the obi! Expressing the beautiful and twinning world view of “Cinderella”

Alice Design

Colorful and gorgeous design with many characters hidden in colorful flowers, such as Alice in Wonderland, Queen of Hearts, Soldiers of The Trumps, Mad Hatter, etc. The colorful furisode is a place where you can feel lost in the “country of wonder” just by wearing it♪

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