The charismatic Yukipoyo and the flower-artist Shogo Kariyazaki team up for a nice furisode collection!

The company Ichikura has created two types of furisode with a completely original design: a black one with an adult sensuality and a bright white one available on the official website, in collaboration with the charismatic Yukipoyo from the world of Gyaru and the flower-artist Shogo Kayasaki.

What is a furisode ?

We’ve already presented it to you in our article Celebrate your coming of age ceremony with Disney’s furisode ♡. The furisode is the noblest Japanese traditional costume. It is a special style of kimono which is made of very fine silk with bright colors. It is commonly rented or purchased by parents for their daughter to wear it to celebrate their birthday during the year of their 20th birthday on Seijin no Hi (Day of Coming of Age).

The company Ichikura

Created in 1991, the company develops wedding and other clothing in Japan. The Japanese apparel business, including all brands and its subsidiary Kyoto Kimono Gakuin, operates 160 stores throughout the country.

They sell and rent kimonos and furisode, and organize photo shoots for coming-of-age ceremonies.

“We dress and do make-up on the day of the ceremony and organize kimono dressing classes. In the wedding field, we operate four wedding halls in Japan and one abroad, with the advantages of “authentic facilities” and “in-house hospitality”.

The collaboration Yukipoyo x Shogo Kayasaki

Yukipoyo, whose real name is Yuki Kimura, is a flashy Gyaru who became a hot topic after appearing on a reality TV love show.

Shogo Kayasaki is a flower artist who works hard to spread the “flower route” of traditional Japanese culture not only in Japan but all over the world.

They collaborated on two special types of furisode with a completely original design:



The two furisode are magnificent, created by the fusion of two universes. In addition, a limited time campaign and event will be organized to commemorate the release of this collaboration. Information will be published one by one, so you can check the following website for more details.

For what prices?

■30-piece rental standard kit: 198. 000 yen (tax included)

■ Buy a standard set of 40 points: 498.000 yen (tax included)

* Upgraded products (additional cost required) are used for the coordination belt and other accessories.

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