For 2021, the One Spo brand announces the end of its activities

“Notice of trademark suspension
This time we decided to close One spo SHIBUYA 109 stores and suspend the brand.
The One spo SHIBUYA 109 store will be closed on January 31, 2021 and the official online store will be closed on February 28, 2021.
We would appreciate it if you could check various SNS for future announcements.”

One Spo, a young and casual brand

Prepova, which plans, manufactures and sells young casual clothing, has announced that it will suspend its own ONE SPO brand.

One spo made its debut in 2003 with the concept of “merging fashion and sport”. Several stores were available in several shopping malls in major cities such as Shibuya109, Shinsaibashi PARK EAST, and Umeda EST, but is currently only open in its flagship store in Shibuya109.

The suspension of the brand is the result of the closure of the flagship store due to the expiry of the contract period with Shibuya109. The store will close on January 31, 2021 and the official online store will close on February 28, 2021.

Many different collaborations: from the animes, Disney princesses to KPOP!

Held at the Yokohama Arena on March 2019, One Spo participated in the “Mynavi Presents 28th Tokyo Girls Collection 2019 PRINTEMPS/ÉTÉ” and unveiled visuals of its collaboration with the TV anime “Attack on Titan”!

BLACKPINK was decided for the image of the Shibuya109 Tower in 2018 for the “109 WINTER SALE”! Pop-up stores had been opened in the tower but also some brands had participated in this collaboration including One Spo!

A collaboration with Disney had also been announced in 2018 with many brands of Shibuya109. Clothes with princesses and assortment of color reminiscent of their cartoon were on sale in their shop!

“A fusion of fashion and sport. A balance between sexy and sporty. Express yourself with a new way of seeing yourself.”

An ONE SPO exhibition for closure

On January 11, 2021, the brand also announced on its official Twitter that a mini exhibition will be held for the closure of their last store in Shibuya109…

“When the store starts closing and the brand is suspended, we will organize an archival exhibition at the store.
Past posters and catalogues, photos of fashion shows and unpublished material…
Even if you take a picture, we post the store in a cute space, so we wait for everyone to visit. »

This is very sad news for fans of the brand, but also for the famous Shibuya109 tower, which will lose another one of these flagship brands… (See article on Cecil Mcbee).

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