EGG & NUTS models released a new Parapara band: REIWA PARAPARA DANCERS !

A video of four active Gal (Gyaru) models in Gal magazines “EGG” and “NUTS” challenging serious Parapara has been released on “EGG” YouTube and has attracted attention. We already explained to you about the Parapara dance in this article.

A whole new group of active Parapara!

Parapara dominated the world in the 1990s with a focus on Shibuya Gals. During last year’s stay at home period, a video of Heisei (1989-2019) Gal dancing Parapara recorded 2 million views. It was featured in commercials and variety programs, and attracted attention again.

On this new Reiwa era (2019-now), the new project “REIWA PARAPARA DANCERS” (commonly known as RPD), made of models AYAKA, AIMI, NAGI, and SEINA was released.

Nostalgia for older generations

This project was launched with the aim of bringing Parapara dance back into fashion, as something serious and cool. The new gals who have not experienced the golden age of Parapara but who are seriously applying themselves in the project can therefore introduce the Parapara to the new Gyaru generations and also give a feeling of nostalgia to the older generations.

The songs of Ayumi Hamasaki, a true Gyaru icon like Boys & Girls and Depend on You are included in this medley entitled “Para Show“, as well as “DEJA VU“, a song that became a real phenomenon last year (more than 100 million views worldwide), and “velfarre 2000″. With this medley, EDM music and arrangements from the Reiwa era in a different style are very present!

EGG under criticism but defended by purists

EGG’s YouTube channel had published Parapara content before, but Parapara fans of the Heisei era pointed out hard things such as “there is no homogeneity”, “the movements are not aligned”, “the Parapara is not something to dance with a smile”. So the models received a lot of criticism.

However, this video was published in an effort to create a good “parapara” so that the purists of the old Parapara would not be ashamed. Avex, who has been involved in the Parapara movement for more than 25 years, said: “This is a video that we have been working on with the desire to brighten the world, importing a little parapara into a world where there would be no bad energy due to coronavirus.

The company also added “We are happy that our youth was passed on through the Parapara All Stars which was used to spread parapara 20 years ago. This is not a recent debate, but we want you to evolve and dance more and more whatever the style of the past”.

Adding that the Parapara videos at the time were taken in one shot, the company said: “The basics of parapara dance are certainly smiles. “Dancing with a smile makes people more fun. “We want to re-spread the truth that the formal way of parapara dancing is to dance with a smile and fun.

Egg will continue to post parapara RPD videos on a regular basis, and hopes to perform parashows at major festivals nationwide.

Les japonais réceptifs au projet !

At the release of this video, young Japanese people of the Reiwa Era as well as older generations of the Heisei Era commented:

“Parapara after all, it’s cool ~ I want to dance”

“I remembered my youth when I was doing parapara”

“Tension rises with Ayu’s song! “

“Legendary songs! Voice of the parapara generation”

“Everyone is cool, it’s different from the usual atmosphere”

“The video is good because the dance is really cute”

“Aimi-chan is so cute”.

This is a great way to encourage the band to produce even more videos like this one!

Good job gals! We are lookin forward to see the next videos!

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