ColourPop, a successful brand!

The ColourPop brand was born in Los Angeles in 2014 by siblings John and Laura Nelson. They are very well known for their many kawaii collaborations including Sailor Moon, Hello Kitty, Disney with a superb packaging. Above all, they have a very affordable price, they are cruelty free and a lot of the products are vegan!

First preview was released on January 15th, 2021!

It was on their social networks that the brand announced the collaboration! So all the fans started to be very impatient and the collaboration is now out !

Have you always wanted to reproduce Bunnie’s blushing little cheeks? Or understand how Gladys gets a winged eyeliner so perfect? Or maybe do a smoky eye style in the style of Tom Nook the Tanuki? You will be delight with their Animal Crossing: New Horizons collaboration.

A very neat and colorful packaging!

With packaging featuring our favorite assistant, Isabelle, as well as the fairy finger sisters and many more, the Colourpop x Animal Crossing collection pays a lot of attention to details.

We can see that the packaging is hugely inspired by video games, flowers, fruits, bell purses and characters. Everything is perfect for a big fan! There are even lip pencils, gorgeous sequins that will add a shiny touch to your cheeks or to perfect your eyeshadow!

⭐️ Nook Inc palette
⭐️ 5 Star Island palette
⭐️ Labelle of the Ball palette
⭐️ What a Hoot palette
⭐️ Fruit Basket Lip Tint Duo
⭐️ Fruit Roots Lip Tint Duo
⭐️ Pick of the Bunch Lip Tint Duo
⭐️ Flower Power Blush
⭐️ Flower Tender Blush
⭐️ Balloon Pop Super Shock Shadow
⭐️ Bellionaire Glitterally Obsessed

A preview video of the packaging is available on their instagram.

A few swatches that will certainly make you want to acquire this beautiful collection!

The collection also includes a bouquet of colorful palettes on the subject around various villagers, sequins in bell packaging, flowers for two blushes, and eyeshadows with titles reminiscent of the game.

This collection was available available from January 28th on the Colourpop website, and is now available in Ulta from February 14th. Will you succumb to this magnificent collection?

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